6 Best Sensory Subscription Box Services for Kids

A sensory box is meant to support cognitive processing and interceptive regulation. It offers different tactics such as, using tangible items for interactive activities that engage, calm and excite your young ones.

This is where a sensory kit subscription comes into play, which actually keeps your child entertained for hours. The subscription system allows your kid to undergo various experiences every time a new box arrives at the door.

In case you don’t know, a sensory box is a container filled with appealing sensory toys that stimulate and engage all five senses.

The typical use of a sensory box for toddlers includes sensory respite, playful educational activities, as well as exploring and intercepting new things.  Your children may discover fun games and activities to be rather pleasing as they try tracing new textures, listen to different sounds, and tastes food with different flavors.

Not only healthy children at various ages but also children with autism reap big benefits from spending time with the sensory boxes.

Benefits of Sensory Boxes:

The sensory box helps children by stimulating their senses to foster motor skills development, encourage their curiosity to explore their surroundings, regulate their emotional state, and introduce fine vocabulary learning skills.

The sensory play kit stimulates crucial regions that are necessary for a child’s growth and well-being. Here, we provide a few advantages that are not only instructive but also entertaining and interactive for your young ones.

  • Emotional Regulation – Your kid quickly establishes a connection with their surroundings and learns to explore out of curiosity-driven by their senses. A sensory box introduces a perfect emotional regulation activity that will overcome any anxious feelings in your child with a sense of tranquility. This is how a sensory box will benefit your child and develop a keen sense of focusing skills that will help them in the future as well.
  • Sensory Skills – Your child can benefit from the sensory box as he engages all of his senses while playing with it and establishes a sense of connection to his surroundings. Sensory skills come into action when your child learns to play and explore items of different textures, sizes, colors, and fragrances.
  • Motor Coordination – The sensory game encourages body mobility based on your child’s control over motor coordination skills. The toddler can learn to hold a firm grip over an item, grasp the object, or touch various objects. This will help develop perfect hand-eye coordination.
  • Cognitive Growth – The activities in a sensory box will drive your child’s curiosity to investigate and explore new things, which stimulates their cognitive growth. This kind of game is highly significant because it fosters inventiveness and for a child’s intellectual growth to take place, stimulation is crucial.
  • Social Interaction – The sensory box activities can encourage cooperative play in your child where he learns to share his fun games with his friends and that will help him to develop new ideas and build perfect teamwork. This will not only be an enjoyable process but also build social interaction skills. Playing with the adult is also enjoyable for the youngster since it allows them to bond emotionally and share special moments.

Best Sensory Boxes for Kids

It might be challenging to find activities and games that will be educational and entertaining for your kids simultaneously. Thankfully, more businesses are now providing kids with entertaining and instructive subscription boxes, and the best part of it – your kid will never get bored playing with a new box every time.

Here we will cover the best sensory subscription box services for all children, including those with autism.

1. KidArtLit

The makers of KitArtLit provide high-quality literature, process-oriented art projects, and activities. The products of Kid Art Lit encourage children to be creative, lessen the negative effects of perfectionism, and give children who are less skilled than their classmates more confidence.

The broad book collection covers several genres and promotes values like compassion and appreciation, while our art kits help youngsters create things like sculptures, paintings, stampings, weavings, potions, prints, and more!

Books and activities come in seasonal themes and they will engage your family all year long.

There are two membership options and you can choose to receive goods every month, every 3 months, every 6 months or once a year. Here are the subscription options:

  • Spark boxes come with a book and 2 completed projects.
  • Deluxe boxes come with a book and 4 completed projects.

Age Appropriate: Despite the fact that children of all ages enjoy joining in on the fun, our books and crafts are chosen to match the developmental requirements of the majority of kids between three years and eight years.


  • The art delivery comes with double the art materials at no additional charge.
  • It is the best activity for children of all neural spectrums.
  • It will build and strengthen the bond between you and your young ones.


  • The craft subscriptions are slightly more expensive than the other ones.

Subscription Options:

Spark Kits: $49.99/month; $143.97/3 months; $269.94/6 months; no annual plan
Deluxe Kits: $65.99/month; $188 for 3 months; $719.88 annual (1 month free)

Shipping: The Company ships its products to all the countries across the globe with shipping charges of $4.99 in the USA, $14.99 in Canada, and $19.99 to the rest of the world.


2. Little Passports

Little Passports delivers lessons in history, geography, and STEM while encouraging youngsters to engage in hands-on exploration. Oceans, dinosaurs, and other fascinating themes are covered in these prestigious age-appropriate boxes. Each box centers on topics that combine scientific knowledge with global knowledge. Your youngster will adore the opportunity to learn about various nations and cultures. A starter kit with educational materials, games, and activities is included with every subscription. The experiments and mementos in later kits are tailored to the subscriber’s developmental stage.

Age Appropriate: The age factor suitable for this sensory package is three to thirteen years.


  • The theme of this package is educational and fun.
  • It is a good engaging activity for children and teenagers.


  • There are no cons with this service

Subscription Options:

You can start with your subscription option for:

  • Age 3 – 5 years (Early Explorers) – $23.95 /
  • Age 3 – 5 years (Animals Wild) – $25.95 /month
  • Age 5 – 8 years (Science Junior) – $23.95 /month
  • Age 6 – 10 years (World Edition) – $23.95 /month
  • Age 7 – 12 years (USA Edition) – $23.95 /month
  • Age 8+ years (Science Expedition) – $23.95 /month

Shipping: The company deals with shipping across specific countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. There are no shipping charges across these countries.


3. The Little Sensory Box

Little Sensory Box is a UK-based toy provider that crafts and delivers amazing sensory boxes for every age. There are currently 11 sensory box options that serve children from 0 to 18 months. You can either receive sensory boxes every 3 months or you can order for a one-time.

With every sensory box, you will receive a number of hand-picked items to occupy your child while promoting their early development and igniting imagination at every age and stage.

The items vary from box to box and they may be:

  • Maracas
  • Handbells
  • Water mats
  • Sensory bottles
  • Rattle balls
  • Textured teething blocks
  • Reflective sensory balls
  • Push-along animals
  • Stacking cups
  • Board books
  • Hand puppets
  • Wooden shakers
  • And many

Age Appropriate: The sensory box comes with different toys based on your child’s age. The best suitable age is 0 months to 18 months.


  • The company ships packages appropriate for your child’s developmental stage every three months.
  • You receive the free shipment for more than £50 package deals.
  • The products are sensitive to your child’s demands.


  • The shipment is limited to a few countries.

Subscription Options:

You can receive your subscription for your 0–18 Months old child at £45.97 per box (billed/sent every three months). You can pay in interest-free installments if you wish so.

Shipping: The company deals with shipping the sensory box in the UK, Ireland, and Jersey. There will be no shipping charges on orders of more than £50.


4. Spectrum Surprise

Children on the Autism Spectrum can subscribe to a box called Spectrum Surprise every month. 5–6 toys and activities are included in each box with the goal of enhancing abilities including control, communication, and sensory integration. Even laminated visual assistance is provided to ensure that both parents and children are making the most of their box.

Age Appropriate: it is suitable for children of three years and up.


  • The visual representation of toys is appealing to children.
  • It is a good team activity that builds social skills.


  • Shipment is available only in US and Canada with charges.

Subscription Options:

The single-month subscription starts at $32 whereas the three-month subscription starts at $90.

Shipping: The company ships its packages to two countries US and Canada. The shipping charges for anywhere across the USA is $10 shipping whereas for Canada it is $30.


5. Sensory Theraplay Box

These sensory boxes are loaded with a wide range of sensory toys and equipment that have been shown effective in treatment sessions and are in great demand among children and caregivers. They are curated by an occupational therapist. Caretakers can learn more about how each individual item will promote growth and development from a brochure.

Age Appropriate: Toys are suitable for most kids between the ages of 5 and 9.


  • The package includes different toys and items suitable for all ages and multiple settings.
  • There is a separate dedicated product line curated specifically for teens and adults.
  • Single-box purchases available without a subscription


  • The boxes in the package lack a cohesive theme.

Subscription Options:

Subscriptions of this sensory box automatically renew each month.

  • $42 for a month to month
  • $124.50 for 3 months or $41.50 per box
  • $238 for 6 months or $39.70 per box
  • $462.00 for 12 months or $38.50 per box

Shipping: Shipping is allowed across US and Canada only.


6. Early Vention

This is a fun activity box that is sent right to your house and is created especially for kids with autism and other neural problems. This sensory box package contains hardback picture cards, interactive stories, reward chart toys, a sensory exploration and communication board, a creative craft and visual sequence script, and theme rhyme.

Age Appropriate: The package is appropriately designed for children of age three years and up. But it can also be used for adults with autism or other neural defects.


  • It is suitable for developing cognitive capabilities.
  • This sensory package is easy to handle for young ones.


  • Shipment is not available in any other country except the United States.

Subscription Options:

The subscription packages variates depending upon the monthly encounter.

  • One-month package delivery starts at $47.35.
  • Two-month package delivery starts at $94.70.
  • Three-month package delivery starts at $142.05.

Shipping: Shipping is available only in the United States at the moment.


Final Words:

Here we have covered the best sensory subscription boxes for both healthy and autistic kids. The option listed above will let you select any of the sensory boxes based on your child’s age factor, shipping needs, monthly subscription, and other requirements. The sensory box for autism comes with a variety of different sensory toys that are medically approved by occupational therapists.

In particular for babies, sensory activities can promote vocabulary-building skills and connectivity. They will introduce your young ones to work on their focus-building skills and empower them with emotional regulation ability to handle pressure and executive malfunction.

You can choose any runner-up product for your young ones since it will give your child a chance to bond while learning in an enjoyable surrounding. You can also implement different entertaining techniques while your child is enjoying the sensory box that may be customized for a variety of preferences.

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