7 Best Sensory Paths For School & Home

Children are curious little beings full of energy that they even find it hard to sit still for a while. As a parent, you must have noticed that your child eagerly learns more when he has a chance to move around and be involved in curricular activities.

Schools have found a similar pattern therefore, they have allowed yoga sessions, fidget gadgets, and minor activities for your young ones. A sensory path is another addition to help the young ones in retaining their focus by directing their energy toward the interactive indoor activity.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best sensory walk paths suitable for home or schools, but before that, let’s take a look at the sensory path benefits for kids:

Benefits of Sensory Paths:

A sensory walk path guides your kids to move around the markings or patterns on the ground. The students learn to hop around the markings, balance their footing and stretch their muscles as much as possible. This activity fosters your child’s gross motor skill development while your young ones work off their excessive energy.

Teachers often prefer installing sensory paths for schools as the young kids walk through the hallway between different class sessions. The main purpose of sensory paths is to teach young minds to control their emotions and use their sensory perception to explore new things.

Children may explore a wide range of physical materials on good sensory routes, and they frequently incorporate learning concepts like the alphabet or numbers. They can withstand several leaping feet every day since they are vibrant, intriguing, and durable enough to do so.

You can purchase sensory paths for a home that comes in a variety of themes. Although most of the time the sensory path is installed indoors for interactive sessions, however, you can use outdoor locations as well.

You can use vinyl decals or duct tape to stick the sensory path on the indoor ground to create mesmerizing trails. And for the outdoor sensory pathway, you can use paint to create a path on a sidewalk or the ground.

7 Best Sensory Paths

Since we know more about sensory paths, and how they can help in a child’s development, it’s time to have a look at some sensory walk options. The following list shows some of the best indoor sensory walk products that you can use for home or school.

1. Snake Shape Lattice Creative Puzzle

Snake Shape Lattice Floor Sticker Wall Decals, Creative Puzzle Hopscotch Game Wall Stickers, Removable DIY Art Ground Corridor Wallpaper Décor for Kids Bedroom, Nursery, Classroom


In addition to brightening your space, these vibrant snake game stickers may help develop a child’s physical skills and inspire their imagination and creativity. You can incorporate decorations like ladders and numbers for added interest for your young ones. No additional tools are required; you only need to stick the stickers onto the ground, walls, or another dust-free smooth surface. You can easily remove the stickers from the walls without damaging the paint.

Age appropriate: It is an excellent indoor activity for your child of age three years and up.


  • Snake shape puzzle comes with a self-adhesive PVC.
  • It is easy to remove.
  • The puzzle is waterproof.
  • The material used in the production is non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • High quality


  • The adhesive does not work sometimes
  • Lack of instruction manual
  • The drawings on the stickers start to disappear after one month.

2. Deluxe School & Classroom Sensory Path Kit

Deluxe School & Classroom Sensory Path Kit – with 65 Custom Vinyl Decals


The use of sensory routes can help youngsters become active in lessons. With a peel and stick backing, each vinyl decal is precut and ready to apply. When necessary, an adhesive may be removed without leaving any trace and is harmless for walls and flooring. The vinyl used by Sensory Paths is high-quality and long-lasting.

You can transform the corridors of school, preschool, or home into sensory paths with the help of this fantastic Deluxe School & classroom kit. The manufacturer thoughtfully put the pieces in the sensory path kit to make it an interactive play and promote extracurricular activities among young children.

Age appropriate: It is an excellent indoor activity for your child of age four years and up.


  • Easy to apply
  • Good quality material
  • Visually appealing
  • Long-lasting


  • Lack of instructions or sample

3. Pete The Cat Alphabet Balloons Sensory Path

Pete The Cat Alphabet Balloons Sensory Path


The most enjoyable approach to introduce your youngster to the world of letters and alphabets is through Pete the Cat. Your child’s balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness will improve as a result of participating in this exercise. The Pete-The Cat Alphabet Kit is excellent for enhancing the five senses and may also offer youngsters an ideal, stress-free opportunity to engage in an extracurricular activity. Pete the cat alphabet is a smooth and durable surface sensory path that you can easily clean and disinfect to clear out germs.

Age appropriate: It is an excellent indoor activity for your child of age three years and up.


  • The pieces in the kit are easy to install on a flat and smooth surface.
  • You can remove the adhesives without any hindrance
  • This kit is reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • The adhesives used on the backside of each piece make it sticky and easy to use


  • It does not last long on the surface
  • Costly

4. HK Studio Education Floor Decal

HK Studio Education Floor Decal for Classroom Decor - Frog Hopping Game on Wooden Logs Decals for Boosting Gross Motor Skills - Sensory Path - Indoor School Montessori Gym


You can introduce your young children to a happy, active lifestyle with this kids’ play mat decal. Toys for learning are brought forward by extracurricular activities and are a perfect method for your kids to release energy. Your kids’ motor abilities improve with time as their hand-foot coordination is enhanced. Your young ones will enjoy themselves for hours with these multicolored play mat surface stickers. A variety of stickers allow kids to construct new levels by customizing the many potential combinations.

Age appropriate: It is an excellent indoor activity for your child of age four years and up.


  • Good adhesive material
  • Double-sided tapes are an excellent choice to peel and stick the pieces on the walls.
  • Does not damage the paint on the walls
  • Easy to clean


  • The surface of the kit is glossy

5. Good Stuff EZ Stick Sensory Path

Really Good Stuff EZ Stick Sensory Path for Hallways – 159 Decals for Floors and Walls, Rainbow


Your young ones may navigate their classrooms with a healthy and efficient attitude using the EZ Stick Sensory Path for Hallways. This indoor activity set of EZ Stick labels allows you to design a sensory route that lines the corridor and attracts young ones to be more energetic. This entertaining route will enthrall your children and provide them a means to roam imaginatively within.

You can draw the path with brightly colored arrows and place other activity directions along the way. Such as, the handprints may be hunged up on the wall so that children can give them high fives. Kids may spin around while playing on the floor with spirals attached. A unique, sophisticated maze that your kids may easily navigate is also a part of this package.

Age appropriate: It is an excellent indoor activity for your child of age four years and up.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to stick
  • Children friendly material
  • Cost-effective


  • The pieces should be laminated

6. Midlee Sensory Hallway Decal Floor and Wall Pack

Midlee Sensory Hallway Decal Floor and Wall Pack- Get The Wiggles Out!


A young child with ADHD was the source of inspiration for the Midlee Sensory Hallway Decal Floor & Wall Pack set. This set encourages your children to interact with each other through indoor extracurricular fun games. It gives a little workout session to the brain of young ones. It comes with nine different decals that can be used as a multitude of pairs or with different color code combinations to make your unique décor. The decals are the product of vinyl, which is a strong adhesive that sticks the pieces on the smooth, dust-free ground. It is a widely used kit in schools, classrooms, daycare centers, and hospitals.

Age appropriate: It is an excellent indoor activity for your children of age four years and up.


  • It is an excellent tile replacement


  • It does not stick on an uneven surface
  • Quality is not good
  • Packaging was unprofessional

7. Sensory Pathways Peel & Stick Floor & Wall Clings

Sensory Pathways Peel & Stick Floor & Wall Clings - Includes 54 clings on 6 sheets - Classroom, Preschool and Montessori Supplies


Children may enjoy leisure time using the sensory decals from Peel & Stick Floor & Wall Clings. The young ones are active and can follow the fun activity pieces of pushing on the wall, curved lines, and hopping like frogs to use their brain for an excessive extracurricular workout session.

Age appropriate: It is an excellent indoor activity for your child of age four years and up.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to peel and stick to a smooth surface.
  • Reusable
  • The vinyl adhesive makes it easy to stick on any flat and smooth surface
  • Easily remove these clings without damaging surfaces


  • It does not last long
  • Non-durable


Children can release their pent-up energy in sensory areas, regain attention during a transition, or comfort themselves after overcoming a challenging task. You can transform a quiet setting into a productive one by using bright colors to create an entertaining sensory route for your young ones.

In addition to increasing a child’s daily physical activity, they allow children to play and develop different skills. Once your child learns to engage in unstructured indoor or outdoor activities, they will use their sensory perceptions to explore new things. Such sensory paths also help your child to balance control their impulses, stress, and self-regulation. Physical and visual orientation exercises are another way to aid in organizational abilities development through sensory perceptions.

That’s all about the sensory walk paths for children. If you want to find out more about sensory toys, or activities, then we highly recommend you to check these articles: