6 Best Sensory Toys with Lights

Any toy that is specifically made to spark the senses of your child is referred to as a sensory toy. Since sensory toys come with bright color combinations and light, they can keep your kid quiet and concentrated for a while.

Your child will frequently favor bright colorful toys. This is partly because young, growing eyes can see more clearly in rich hues. Because of this, incorporating vivid, intensely saturated colors and lighting in toys is a common mass marketing strategy.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 6 best sensory toys with lights, but before that let’s talk about the benefits of sensory play for children:

Benefits of Sensory Play for Children

Your child will benefit from playing with these kinds of toys because they encourage sensory interaction as well as provide an insight into children’s sensory systems. Such toys also guide your young ones to control their sensory requirements.

The senses of your youngster are simply heightened with sensory toys, and every age and skill level benefits from sensory toys. They may be used to boost confidence or soothe a youngster, inspire inventiveness, fine-tune coarse motor abilities, and promote turn-taking and engagement.

The best light sensory toys for toddlers will help:

  • Stimulate the senses – Your child may learn, experience, and single-handedly explore their surrounding environment with the assistance of these well-designed sensory toys.
  • Soothing their nerves – These light sensory toys for babies can help your child gain confidence and feel less anxious about their surroundings.
  • Coordinate their motor skills – Your kid will explore and discover the structural attributes of items in the surroundings as they grow in their ability to hold and move things around. It educates children about cause and consequence.
  • Motivates them to interact – For young children, it’s crucial to understand social norms around play and incorporate others into the activity. Through common sensory events, they pick up skills including cooperating with others, sharing, and waiting their time.
  • Improve your child’s argumentation and logical capabilities – Building buildings out of sensory blocks is one way that sensory toys encourage hands-on learning.
  • Learn about the integration of several senses – Toddlers absorb information from their surroundings while combining sensory data into logical experiences.

Your children learn through this experience how their actions affect their environment, and they are better able to connect the dots when they can observe the results of their actions.

Best Sensory Toys with Lights

Sensory toys with lights and sound are age appropriate that come with non-toxic products which are safe to use for your child.

You can ease your worries by choosing one of the best toy options below. Under a caregiver’s supervision or without, your child will show immense improvement in their cognitive abilities while playing with these toys.

The following list of the top six sensory toys for toddlers will make it easier for you to choose the activity that will be most enjoyable for your child.

1. Magic Ball Toy Wand

ArtCreativity Light Up Magic Ball Toy Wand for Kids - Flashing LED Wand for Boys and Girls - Thrilling Spinning Light Show - Batteries Included - Fun Gift or Birthday Party Favor - Classroom Prizes


Every kid loves this magic ball wand that comes with a captivating spinning light display – a formula for endless and ecstatic enjoyment.

By pressing a button, it creates an exciting light display. For young children who struggle with anxiety, the toy is quite helpful. It already has three AA batteries attached for enjoyment right away. The bright hues in the kaleidoscope keep your child interested and intrigued.

Age Appropriate – The toys are visually appealing and are appropriate for children with age 3 years and more.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Visually appealing
  • Relaxing toy


  • Crack-able glass dome
  • Battery issues

Magic Ball Toy Wand for your young ones is available for purchase right here!

2. Pussan Montessori Busy Board

Pussan Montessori Busy Board for 3 Year Old Wooden Educational Toy for Toddlers with LED Lights and Screwdriver Sensory Montessori Toys for Boys Girls Gifts Learning Fine Motor Skills Toy



The Pussan Wooden Busy Board is a learning item for youngsters that encourages self-direction while teaching fundamental skills and strengthening fine motor abilities. Your toddler who plays with the wooden Busy Board frequently learns to grasp cause and effect as well as their surroundings.

When traveling by vehicle or airline, youngsters may easily grasp and utilize the wooden sensory toy due to its lightweight. Children may enjoy the fun of manipulating to modify things on their own while remaining attentive amid the limitless buttons and gadgets. For Montessori spaces and schools, this gadget is an excellent choice.

Age Appropriate – This toy is appropriate for children with age 3 years and more.


  • Good quality wooden toy
  • Children-friendly design
  • Giftable
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use tools


  • Faulty system
  • Small size

You can buy Pussan Wooden Busy Board right here!

3. Electric Fire Truck

Electric Fire Truck Kids Toy - with Bright Flashing 4D Lights & Real Siren Sounds | Bump and Go Firetruck for Boys | Automatic Steering on Contact | Fire Engine Toy Trucks for Imaginative Play


The electric fire truck comes with 4D lights that reflect inside the boundary giving a beautiful glow to the truck. The sound system installed in the truck is effective and produces close to the realistic sound of an actual fire truck. The battery is already powered when you buy this toy for your child.

This toy has sensors in it that detect a bump ahead and automatically changes direction once it comes in contact with a hurdle. This toy can help improve the concentration of your child, innovative thinking skills, creative thinking, and boosts motor skills.

The manufacturer has declared the toy to be non-toxic and safe to use for your young ones.

Age Appropriate – Manufacturers recommend this toy for children with age 3 years and more.


  • Active refund policy
  • Cost-effective
  • Sturdy material
  • Volume control


  • Lack of instructions on manual
  • Size is smaller than normal

You can buy the Electric Fire Truck for your child right here!


4. Light Magnetic Building Blocks

BINZKBB Light Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks for Kids,3D Clear Educational STEM Building Toys,Magnetic Marble Run Blocks Toys for Kids Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 10+Year Old Boys Girls Creative Gift(110 PCS)


This is more than just a toy. The kit comes with cartoon stickers and vibrant magnetic screenplay hues to increase kids’ visual sensitivity. It brings your child’s perception of color to life. Each item is extremely safe, protecting young children’s hands from harm – thanks to its round arc shape with a safety check. The lack of pointy edges makes it safe for your child. The construction gaming items are really easy for your child to assemble.

Age Appropriate – The item is visually appealing and age-appropriate for children with age 3 years and up.


  •  No sharp edges
  • Colorful
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use


  • Flimsy pieces
  • Lack of magnetic power

You can buy Light Magnetic Building Blocks right here!


5. Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Activity Station

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station


The toy is effective during belly time or seated play where your baby has immediate access to colors, toys, lighting, and music. With the educational features of Baby Einstein’s Glow & Discover Light Bar, tummy time may be made enjoyable and interesting. Your baby may twirl the rattle diaphragm or press the brightly colored pieces of the toy bar to turn it on.

It produces different animal sounds and soothing music like from xylophone to stimulate the hearing senses of your baby. It has three pre-installed languages, English, French, and Spanish. The toy bar is foldable when playtime is over, making it ideal for storage and travel.

Age Appropriate – It is perfect for children with age 3 months and up.


  • Easy to carry
  • Giftable
  • Cost-effective


  • Ineffective kickstand lock

You can buy the product right here!

6. Light & Learn Drum with Melodies

Bright Starts Light & Learn Drum with Melodies, Ages 3 Months + , 8.85x3.5x6.5 Inch (Pack of 1) , Green


Your baby can interact with this toy’s lights, colors, numbers, noises, and many other features. When the infant taps on the drum, a light show is activated. Lights provide the appearance of a tunnel that never ends. Additionally, this includes a three-in-one function that allows you to learn colors, count with numbers, or make entertaining drum beats. With number mode, assist your infant in counting, and in color mode, observe how the lights alter to match the various hues. With endless hours of enjoyment, you and your kid may spread pleasure wherever you go.

Age Appropriate – Light & Learn Drum with Melodies is appropriate for children with age 3 months and up.


  • Good quality
  • Well-designed
  • Sturdy material
  • Easy to carry


  • Short battery life
  • Non-portable

You can buy Light & Learn Drum with Melodies right here!


Final Thoughts

Aside from being entertaining and intellectually exciting, the finest sensory toys must also be reputable, secure, and inexpensive. Safety is crucial, especially when it comes to young children.  To determine if your kid will be capable of utilizing a sensory toy adequately, first take into account the manufacturer’s suggested ages. By making use of all five human senses, your child will gain knowledge of their surroundings and an understanding of where they fit in the world.

For future growth and development, a solid foundation is laid through learning during these formative years. The greatest ways for a newborn to learn are through constantly exploring and tinkering with the items, colors, and patterns in their surroundings. Your child will have many opportunities to play and learn if you give a set with a wide variety of activities.

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