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mom and sonHello there! I am so glad you stopped by to check out this section of our website. I am a parent myself, and I always wanted the very best for my kids. Like most people out there, I am not rich, but I felt that was no excuse for my children to have plenty of opportunities for learning.

I believe in using the world around you as a learning tool. Every day I make it a point to have my kids learn and master new skills by doing regular household tasks, telling them about what I am doing when we do work around the house, and answering their many questions about their environment.

And when I’m not playing with the kids and they enjoy unstructured free play, I make sure their toys offer some sort of educational merit. My children love these toys and I love that they can independently entertain themselves with little to no intervention from me.

I also wanted to share what I’ve learned as a parent over the years, which is why I’ve written some articles about what you can do to promote learning in even the youngest of children, such as newborns. It will surprise you how much those little ones are learning, even if it seems all they do is sleep, eat and require diaper changes!

I want to help parents at all levels- whether they are new and welcoming their first baby- or veterans and welcoming their third or fourth little one. I want to help grandparents who need fun gift ideas, aunties and uncles, and other caregivers make great choices about what to get their kids in terms of educational toys.

So once more, I would like to extend a big welcome to all our readers, and I hope you enjoy your time here AND with your kids!


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