7 Best Sensory Bottles For Toddlers Reviewed

A sensory bottle is one of the simplest tools for infants and toddlers to engage in sensory play. Your child, at a very young age, will start to explore and discover the worldly items around him and sensory bottles are great for accelerating the discovery process.

In this article, we are going to review the best sensory bottles for toddlers, but before that, let’s discuss what sensory bottles are and why your little one needs them:

Sensory bottles are bottles or jars that contain different objects inside to produce a range of sensory feelings and stimulate key parts of your child’s brain. They may be used to engage, occupy, or relax your kid to overcome their feeling of distress.

Water, glue, baby oil, glycerin, and other liquids can all be used to fill sensory bottles. In most sensory containers, liquids of different densities are used to slow down the speed of falling objects. Your child is mostly attracted to the colorful textures and soothing sound that occurs when they move the bottle.

The Benefits of Sensory Bottles:

There are numerous benefits and reasons why every child should spend time playing with sensory bottles. Here are a few key areas that sensory bottles can improve:

  • Language Skills – It aids with vocabulary development
  • Fine motor skills – It trains the fine motor capabilities
  • Cause and Effect – This develops an understanding of how to link causes and effects
  • Self-control – This assists your children to be patient and establish self-control
  • Focus – Your child will learn to focus the mind and attentiveness
  • Hearing – This controls the vestibular system
  • Reduce unwanted behavior – It reduces irrational and violent conduct
  • Clean – The portable sealed plastic container keeps the mess from leaking.

Let’s discuss some of the key sensory bottle benefits in more detail:

Motor Skills Coordination:

The development of motor abilities at an early age nurtures your child’s cognitive development. Working on the cognitive skills helps improve your child’s learning skills, where they may feel encouraged to explore and discover new worldly items.

Toddlers, in particular, are in need to engage in motor exercises to ensure optimal physical, intellectual, and interpersonal growth. The task of holding and moving the sensory bottle strengthens the muscles in the arms and hands, which further improves motor skill coordination.

Develops Focus:

Toddlers may frequently suffer from feeling overstimulated by environmental sensory stimulation and that affects their concentration levels.

They will require the ability to focus in preschool, at elementary, when completing their tasks, and in other situations where they must concentrate on one task while putting aside other distractions.

Sensory bottles are one of the best ways to grab your child’s attention. Children will notice the tiny objects with colorful textures in the bottle and follow the pattern of object movement that will make them focus for a while.

Encourage their exploration-related curiosity:

For your toddler, motivational times are when they learn the most important things. When they come across anything unique to their intellect, children will become curious to learn more. The ingredients of a sensory bottle may seem unique even for adults, and they instantly spark curiosity in toddlers.

Controlling emotions:

Sensory bottles are great to encourage calmness, draw out the child’s positive emotions, and give them something fun to unwind. This bottle is useful for situations where your child is stressed, such as a lengthy car ride, when they arrive home from daycare, or just before bed.

Sensory Skills Coordination:

The sensory skills in children are enhanced through these sensory bottles as it affects the sensory route of your child. Your kid will track the objects based on their visionary appeal and soothing sound.

Best Sensory Bottles For Toddlers:

The positive impacts of sensory bottles on young brains have attracted the attention of lots of parents like you. Here we will review 7 best sensory bottles that you can buy for your baby, toddler, or even yourself:

1. Hand2mind Sensory Fidget Tubes (Set of 4)

hand2mind Sensory Fidget Tubes, Anxiety Relief Toy, Occupational Therapy Toys, Fidget Toys for Kids, Sensory Toys for Sensory Play, Play Therapy Toys, Calm Down Corner, Toddler Must Haves (Set of 4)


With these four vibrant Sensory Fidget Tubes, you may assist your kids in learning how to control their emotions, concentrate, and participate in peaceful, calm interaction. The tightly closed, comfortable-to-hold bottles have intriguing trajectories and give a calm alternative for toddler who needs support to ease their anxiety. These sensory bottles enhance your child’s learning skills and develop emotional stability.

Hand2mind has promoted practical education for more than 50 years, fostering deeper comprehension and assisting young people in developing skills. The social-emotional learning tools developed by Hand2mind, a pioneer in the field, teach children how to manage their emotions while also cultivating self-compassion. Hand2mind features items for every grade level, from kindergarten through middle school, that are intended to improve classroom instruction and outside-of-classroom learning.


  • Durable
  • Colorful
  • Captivating
  • Cost-effective


  • Prone to leakage

This recommended Best Sensory Bottle is available for purchase right here

2. Liquid Timer

Liquid Timer - Sensory Toy for Relaxation, Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer with Floating Color Lava Lamp, 3-Pack Incredibly Effective Calming Stress Relief Hourglass Toy for Kids & Adults, Autism & ADHD


This trio of stress-relieving toys has gentle, rhythmic drips that are incredibly calming and aid in the treatment of sensory disorders in both children and adults. You may watch the bubbles and liquid descend in slow motion for around two minutes while using this vibrant liquid timer, which is a great visual stimulant. Even the multicolored wheels may spin when oil droplets are present. To continue relaxing until you feel completely at ease, simply switch this wonderful liquid motion timer over.

Watching the vibrant droplets of oil fall from this cool liquid timer has a relaxing effect on your children. It may be set up on your child’s nightstand or anywhere in particular. After a stressful day, it might help your kids to calm down.


  • Set of 3 pack bottles
  • Well-designed spinner
  • Vibrant colors
  • Cost-effective


  • Defective bubble timers
  • Easily breakable
  • No replacement policy

Liquid Timer is available for purchase, just click right here

3. Klutz Make Your Own Discovery Bottles

Klutz Make Your Own Discovery Bottles Science/STEM Activity Kit


A high-end manufacturer of activity kits based on books, Klutz aims to encourage kids’ creativity. Creativity will be jump-started by their special blend of unmistakably clear directions, customized necessary items, and heaping helpings of comedy.

Use these simple water-based bottle experiments from home to introduce your toddler to sensory exploration. Your child may tilt a fish across a ring in the leak-proof bottles, or they can be entranced by flowing glitter while forgetting about their troublesome thoughts. Four more experiments utilizing everyday items are covered in the detailed directions that are supplied.


  • Super-clear detailed instructions
  • Easy to use
  • Open-ended creativity
  • Skills to Build On
  • Leak-proof bottles


  • Glitter clumps in the water

This sensory bottle is readily available for you to buy, click here to find more about it!

4. QB Hive Unicorn Sensory Bottle – Zen Bottle

QB Hive Unicorn Sensory Bottle - Zen Bottle - Sparkle Glitter Jar - Meditation & Mindfulness Tool - Great for Focus - Use in Home or Office


This is a unicorn-themed sensory bottle with shamrocks and glitters inside. When you shake the bottle vigorously, the shiny glitters tend to make a beautiful pattern that soothes your nerves. This shiny unicorn sensory bottle is sure to please your toddler with a mesmerizing, colorful, and eye-catching combination of unicorns, shamrocks, glitters, and confetti. The 16oz bottle allows the glitters to have a long-lasting motion.


  • Cost-effective
  • Portable
  • Good quality
  • Giftable
  • Perfect size


  • Delicate – prone to break

You can buy this unicorn-themed sensory bottle for your child right here!

5. Green & Blue Liquid Motion Bubbler

Green & Blue Liquid Motion Bubbler


The product inside the bubbler is a colorful mix of two different bright colors. It changes direction when you tilt the bottle. The mesmerizing pattern that it makes when your toddler tilts it, soothes their nerves, relieve them from stress, manages anxious feelings, and improves sensory exploration.


  • Alternative for timer
  • Cost-effective
  • Visionary soothing effect


  • Prone to leakage
  • Small size

You can buy Green & Blue Liquid Motion Bubbler right here!

6. 8oz Calming Glitter Bottle – Frozen!

8oz Calming Glitter Bottle - Frozen!


It is a tightly sealed bottle container with shiny glitters inside. The bottle is small enough for you to grab in your hand while large enough to hold an 8oz capacity of glitters inside. The tiny rock and glittery substance give a soothing sound when you move the bottle. This is a perfect alternative to relieve your anxiety.


  • Securely sealed bottle
  • Right size
  • Cost-effective
  • Good for children and adults


  • Delicate – prone to break
  • Small size

You can buy an 8oz Calming Glitter Bottler – Frozen right here!

7. SENSORY4U Ocean Water Beads

SENSORY4U Ocean Water Beads Sensory Bin Therapy Kits - 3 Dew Drop Sets Included - Ocean Explorers, Mermaid Lagoon and Swimming with Sharks.


Three of the themed sets are included in this package. Water bead sets for sensory toys. Ideal for sensory play and early education and development.

A total of 10,000 colored beads in various hues, depending on the theme, are included in each set. The bottle includes special toys that correspond to each theme, such as huge sharks and mermaids from the ocean. The marble size is automatically adjusted when it comes in contact with water. It will shrink back to its original position when it is dry.


  • Perfect sensory-motor activity
  • Non-overwhelming
  •  Cost-effective
  • Good quality
  • Perfect size


  • Delicate – prone to break

You can buy this product right here!

Final Thoughts

For a variety of sensory demands, such as auditory stimuli, neurological insight, sensory processing, influential learning, and also as a terrific mindful pastime for your kids, sensory containers are fantastic. Children may be calmed down quickly using sensory calm-down bottles, which also help kids control their emotions and prevent meltdowns.

You have to initially ask your kids to shake the sensory bottle, to pass their time. The sensory proprioceptive feeling is activated by shaking the sensory bottle. Watching the glitter or other objects in the jar move and drop to the bottom will unimaginably enthrall them.

In times of stress or anxiety, children or adults can use sensory calm-down jars to promote awareness, focus, and tranquility. They may be intriguing to watch, so seeing them can be a fantastic reset.