8 Best Math Toys For 5 Years Olds

When children turn 5, it’s time to do some preparation for their school. Learning the basic pre-school thing might be boring for some kids. Therefore we choose to make the learning experience more interesting and engaging through some of the best math toys.

In this article, we have created a list of 8 effective math toys for 5 years old that will help your child to build the basic math foundation in a fun way.

But before that, let’s have a look at the basic concepts of mathematical skills in yearly years that can be tough by math toys:

The Concepts of Mathematical Skills in the Early Years:

The early years of children’s lives are considered the most crucial phase for their development. This is the period when their brains are most flexible to build the foundation for learning.

If a child successfully builds conceptual math skills in their early childhood, he will surely succeed in elementary school. Therefore it is essential to teach your child the fundamentals of math at an early age to help them easily build up to advanced math in the future.

We have many examples where children develop a good understanding of addition and subtraction before going to school. The children are also able to get shape recognition skills before the age of 2.

You can start introducing your child to the basic math ideas from the age of 3 by using the best math toys. Consequently, your child will develop the following mastery:

  • Get an understanding of size, shape, and patterns.
  • Become able to count verbally.
  • Develop numerals recognition skills.
  • Become able to differentiate between more or fewer quantities.
  • Get an understanding of one-to-one correspondence.

The Best Math Toys for 5-Year-Olds:

Now let’s have a look at the top 8 math toys that will not only teach your little ones the fundamentals of math, but will also empower their cognitive, visual, and motor skills:

1. Lydaz Montessori Materials Math Toys

Lydaz Montessori Materials Math Toys, Wooden Number Blocks Toys for Kids, Learning Resources for Toddler Preschool Educational, STEM Counting Puzzle Toys, Birthday Gifts for Kids 3 4 5 6 Years Old


The Lydaz Montessori toy is a great educational tool for preschool education. Here are the top qualities of this great learning product:

  • A Great Montessori Toy for Preschool Education: This wooden sorting and stacking puzzle includes counting blocks of 5 bright colors, 5 picture puzzles, and 1-9 numbers. The toy box provides your children the opportunity to develop shape, color, and size recognition skills. Making combinations and matching blocks will boost their fine motor skills and improve their memory of patterns.
  •  The Numbers Counting: The stacking of colored circles on wooden sticks and matching the numbers is another fun way to learn basic math. Your child will memorize the counting by placing the numeral wooden chips in a sequence.
  • Puzzle Board: Playing with the puzzle board also enhances your child’s mentality. The puzzle needs to match the color circle with the cartoon cards to complete it. The color circles can also be taken out to place in two different shapes which strengthens their shapes recognition skill.
  •  Safe Materials: The wooden toy box is made with non-toxic material. The edges are round and smooth which makes it completely safe for the children.
  • Great Gift for Kids: This Montessori wooden toy is an ideal gift for kids of age 5. The bright colors and beautiful design make it attractive for children and engage them to learn mathematical skills.


2. The Learning Journey: Match It!

The Learning Journey: Match It! - Counting - 30 Piece Self-Correcting Number & Learn to Count Puzzle - Preschool Learning Toys - Award Winning Toys


The learning journey is the second-best math toy on our list. The product features a bright collection of two-piece puzzles, which are specially designed for children aged 5 or above.

Let’s find the incredible features of this great product:

  • The Best Preparation for School: The toy is ideal to prepare your child for school. Playing with it will improve their concentration and learning skills. They also learn to build focus which is essential for their school life.
  • Enhance Motor Skills: The toy helps your child to build eye-to-hand coordination and also strengthen their motor skills. The durable cardboard is designed to be easily grasped and used by little hands.
  • Develops Early Math Skills: It is an interesting puzzle to engage your child to develop basic mathematical skills and practice their first counting.
  • Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem: This puzzle is an ideal way to boost the self-confidence of your child. It is designed in such a way that only the correct piece fits together and your child will get it right every time. This bonus feature gives your child self-esteem and self-confidence.


3. CoolToys Monkey Balance Math Game

CoolToys Monkey Balance Cool Math Game for Girls & Boys | Fun, Educational Children's Gift & Kids Toy STEM Learning Ages 3+ (64-Piece Set)


The monkey balance is a perfect multi-level math toy for parents to motivate their 5 years olds to learn at home and school.  Here are the main reasons why you should consider this lovely toy:

  • Easy Set-Up Instruction: This monkey balance is easy to assemble so kids can start playing right away.
  • Kids and Family Fun: The toy comes in a 64-piece toy set including 19 monkeys, 1-10 numbers, 30 double-sided cards, a monkey scale, a base, 2 scale pans, and a leaflets guide.
  • Engaging and Educational Playing: This engaging toy is an ideal educational toy for children. Playing with this math toy boosts their memory and fine motor skills.
  • Perfect Gift: The engaging colors and beautiful design makes it an ideal gift for young boys, girls, and families with kids. However, parents should not leave their children alone with this toy because the small monkeys might have a choking hazard.


4. Learning Resources MathLink Cubes

Learning Resources MathLink Cubes Early Math Activity Set - 115 Pieces, Ages 4+ Kindergarten STEM Activities, Math Cubes Activity Set and Games for Kids, Mathlink Cubes Activity Set


Make the learning even more adventurous in a fun way. Learning resources math link cubes provide 4 interesting ways of learning for your babies. This stool-like cube includes:

  1. A squeeze bottle
  2. Spinner
  3. Wavy dropper
  4. Scooper

All of these 4 interesting tools are designed to improve your child’s concepts through physical fun. The plastic used in its production is of fine quality so the toy is durable.

Playing with this toy will enhance the fine motor skills of your child and also strengthen their little muscles. Here are more benefits of MathLink cubes:

  • Early Math Skills: It is a perfect tool to teach basic addition and subtraction through play.
  • Visual and tactile learning: The toy helps to enhance your child’s visual and tactile learning skills.
  • Colorful: It comes in a variety of bright and beautiful colors. The activity cards help to teach the children addition, subtraction, sequencing, and more math applications.
  • Super STEM skills: The STEM learning feature promotes critical thinking and boosts various other skills that your children will encounter in their school life.
  • Trusted by teachers: This educational learning resource set is trusted by both parents and teachers. It is being used in many pre-schools and daycare centers to promote a better understanding of Math concepts.


5. Wooden Time Clock Toy

Time Clock Toy for Kids Wooden Time Learning Shape Sorting Color Game Montessori Early Education Math Set Kid Jigsaw Play Tool Preschool Toddler Puzzle Toy Gift for Boys Girls Birthday Age 3 4 5 6


The wooden time clock is a learning clock that every kid loves. Here are its main features and the reasons to put it on the list of top math toys.

  • Multi-functional: The clock comes with multi-functional features as it contains a minute hand, an hour hand, and 12 removable numerical blocks. Ordering the blocks and counting things will enhance your child’s core mathematical skills. They will also get an understanding of time setting through moving two hands.
  • Encourage Exploration and Creativity: The toy clock will help the kids to have a better understanding of their surroundings. When your 5-year-old will be touching the toy clock, he will develop better hand-to-eye coordination and the fascinating colors will encourage your child’s creativity and imagination.
  • Great Dimensions: This broad-sized product is specially designed so the little hands of children can grasp it easily.
  • Safe And Environmental Material: Since the Wooden Time Clock Toy is a high-quality product, it is very durable. The blocks have polished and smooth edges, and the material is completely non-toxic and safe.
  • Perfect Gift: This clock toy is an ideal gift for preschoolers, daycare centers, and early education classrooms. You can give it as a holiday or Christmas gift to kids of your family or friends.


6. Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy

Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy for Toddlers, Alphabet Fish Catching Counting Games Puzzle with Numbers and Letters, Preschool Learning ABC and Math Educational Toys for 3 4 5 Years Old Girl Boy Kids


As can be seen from its name, this wooden fishing game toy comes with some unique features of magnetism. The magnetic fishing game consists of a wooden board with multi-colored fish pieces. It comes with a fishing pole with which children can catch fish, and each fish has different letters and numbers.

Here are a few reasons why this toy is a great choice for kids:

Helps in Brain Development: The magnetic wooden fishing game helps the kids to develop fine motor skills, letter and color recognition, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Best Quality: The complete set is made out of fine-polished wood. It is painted with non-toxic and eco-friendly dye. The surface and edges of the toy are smooth to ensure your children’s safety.

Best Gift for Kid: You can gift this toy to any kid and they are going to love it. It is the best option for birthdays and Christmas gifts.


7. Montessori Counting Peg Board

Counting Peg Board | Montessori Math and Numbers for Kids | Wooden Math Manipulatives Materials


Montessori Counting Peg is created to teach children numbers and counting while they are playing at having a wonderful time. This toy perfectly helps children to understand the concept of numbers from a very early age.

Here are some of its features:

  • First Choice of Montessori Teachers: The learning board is the first choice of many preschools and daycares. It provides children with a chance to practice counting and differentiate between quantities.
  • Durability and Quality: This Counting Peg Board can last for more than any other baby playing board. The boards are created with hardwood and coated with a child-safe lacquer to provide a smooth finish.
  • Easy Storage: The package comes with a storage bag and a box to neatly pack all 10 wooden counting boards and pegs.


8. YYDeek Numeric Learning Locks Toy with Keys

YYDeek Numeric Learning Locks Toy with Keys, Children Locks and Key Pairing Toy, Math Matching & Counting Montessori Toy Educational Preschool Game for Kids Aged 3 4 5 6 Years Old


It is an excellent Math toy for kids. The set contains 10 locks and 10 keys and each lock is printed with numbers and dots. Both young and older children can play with this toy.

  • Parent-Child Relationship: Your child might need your assistance to understand the complete procedure so you can help them, therefore this toy provides an opportunity to parents to build a stronger bond with their children.
  • Suitable for Younger and Older Kids: The younger children can count the number on the dots and find the correct key, meanwhile the older kids can identify the digitals on the lock to find the correct key.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe Material: The lock and key toy is lightweight and made from food-grade plastic. The smooth surface and edges also protect your baby from hurting. The excellent production makes its life longer compared to other toys.



Without the basic concepts of math, your child will not be ready to step into elementary school life. The good thing is that children can get conceptual knowledge at a young age. At this age, you can use math toys to encourage them to understand the basics.

All the above-mentioned math toys will help your child to playfully learn wide applications of math. These toys not only help your little child to gain basic math knowledge but also empower their cognitive, visual, and motor skills. Choose any toy with confidence and let the playful learning begin!

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