Best Educational Shows For Toddlers

It’s generally recommended that toddlers not spend too much time staring at screens. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t let your toddler watch a few good shows. The best educational shows for toddlers are those that can both entertain your child and help them learn something new.

Toddlers absorb new information very quickly, so you may want to be careful with what you expose them to. The easiest way to control what your child views are to pick out shows for them by yourself. Before you purchase DVDs for your child, it would be wise to first do your research and compile a list of suitable shows.

These educational shows for toddlers and pre-schoolers are ideal for keeping bored children occupied. However, you must see to it that your child watches these shows only at fixed times during the day. Allowing them to spend all day staring at a screen can be quite unhealthy, regardless of the educational value of the content they’re watching.

In this article, we’ve compiled some reviews on the best DVDs we could find online for toddlers. By watching these shows, your toddler will eventually make sense of their surroundings and develop a love for learning. This, in turn, can prepare them for the schooling experience.

Educational Shows For Toddlers DVDs

There’s no better learning experience than a practical learning experience. Your toddler should ideally learn about their environment and pick up some basic life skills by performing everyday activities. Playing games and having learning sessions at home can help prepare them for preschool as well.

However, if your toddler is like most toddlers, they’re likely fascinated by your television screen and will start at it with rapt attention every chance they get. You might as well make the most out of this unhealthy habit and provide them with a learning experience while they’re watching TV.

The DVDs we’ve listed out here contain child-friendly material that can help your toddler learn new concepts. We’ll take you through the main features, pros, and cons of each show below to help you decide which one is most suitable for your child to view at home.

1.   Sesame Street

Ultimate Sesame Street DVD Collection - Learning & Educational 8-Pack: Follow That Bird / Rock & Roll / Fiesta - Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie & More


No list of shows for toddlers is complete without Sesame Street. This classic remains as popular today as it was all those decades ago when it first came out. The reason behind this could be that it’s as educational as it is entertaining, which makes it perfect for elementary and preschool kids.

Everything from alphabets and singing to numbers and skits is included in this show. In other words, this show has elements that could capture a child’s imagination and keep them engaged for hours together. Besides, it introduces new concepts to children in a creative, fun way which makes them enjoy the learning experience.

You can watch your child learn counting with Count Von Count, life skills with Elmo, and much more. Children around the world have loved the characters in the show across generations and for a good reason. These characters are funny, witty, and dressed in beautiful costumes that spark a child’s imagination.

In many ways, this show is a precursor to preschool. Therefore, watching it can help familiarize your child with the basic concepts taught at a preschool. It also teaches young children the basic values of friendship, sharing, and more. Since the show promotes good behavior, you can be sure that your child will be positively influenced by it.


  • It’s a classic show that has been around for generations
  • Children can learn different subjects with different characters
  • The characters speak in simple words easy for toddlers to understand
  • It teaches children the importance of good behavior and values
  • It nurtures your child’s imagination and creativity


  • Some of the representations of characters in the show are slightly outdated

2.   Little Einsteins


This show may not be a classic as yet, but it’s certainly one of the most popular Disney shows for toddlers today. Little Einsteins are best described as a show for kids who have an interest in the arts. While other educational shows for preschool-age kids focus on math and science, this show focuses on music, art, and more.

Therefore, it helps prepare your child for higher education in these subjects. It could also inculcate a love for the arts in them. After all, subjects such as music aren’t widely addressed in preschool learning programs, which is what makes this show so special and interesting for children.

How many other educational shows for toddlers have they listening to Beethoven like Little Einsteins does? The best feature of this show, however, is not its focus on the arts alone. It’s the fact that it introduces children to different countries and cultures around the world.

Many of the episodes in the show take place in countries like France, England, etc. This helps broaden the horizons of your little one’s imagination and helps them explore cultures vastly different from their own. Besides, the characters in the show are known to take charge of missions and display initiatives.

Watching such characters in action often helps toddlers learn about the importance of leadership and confidence. These are not lessons that are often taught in classrooms. Therefore, it can be very useful to introduce your child to the importance of such qualities through the medium of TV shows.


  • It focuses on the arts, which give children a taste of music, architecture, and more
  • It teaches children about different countries and cultures
  • It includes lessons on the importance of leadership and confidence
  • The theme song is quite well-written which gets children interested in the show
  • It’s ideal for preschool children who show early signs of artistic prowess


  • It isn’t televised anymore and is only available online or on DVD

3.  Sid The Science Kid

Sid The Science Kid 4 In 1


Sid the Science Kid is one of the most educational shows for toddlers you’d come across, mainly because it focuses more on academics than on entertainment. This isn’t to say that the show isn’t entertaining or amusing, just that it has more educational content than most other shows for preschool kids.

This show addresses some of the most fundamental scientific concepts and explains them in a refreshing, creative way. The character of Sid is one that’s known to be curious and engaging. Sid constantly poses basic questions to the audience then answers them in a way that toddlers can understand.

One of the many features that we found impressive about this show is that it doesn’t hold back from using some big words now and again. These words are those that aren’t generally included in a toddler’s vocabulary but words that they’ll need to learn eventually. Even though the words are unusual for a preschool kids’ show, they’re introduced slowly and in a way that makes them easy to absorb.

Every episode tackles a different scientific topic and elaborates on it in detail. Therefore, you or your child get to pick what they want to learn every day. Another impressive aspect of this show is the character of Teacher Susie. Growing familiar with the idea of having a teacher can make the whole preschool experience easier to deal with for toddlers.


  • It introduces children to some basic scientific concepts in every episode
  • Bigger words are included now and again to improve your child’s vocabulary
  • Every science topic has a song that makes learning science a fun experience
  • It includes mini-games that make for an interactive learning experience
  • It tackles scientific topics in a refreshing, unique way


  • It’s not as entertaining or amusing for toddlers as other shows we’ve included here

4.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger'S Neighborhood: Tiger-Tastic


Like Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger may be familiar to older viewers due to the popularity of the show Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. The style of animation used in the show is simple yet very engaging. The bright colors and simple designs used in the show are sure to intrigue your little one and leave them hooked to television.

Well, while they’re hooked to the TV with their attention on the friendly Daniel, they’ll learn some basic life skills. Unlike other educational shows, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood doesn’t focus on math, science, arts, etc. Instead, it focuses on teaching children the fundamental skills they’ll require to navigate everyday life.

For instance, with Daniel’s guidance, you’ll soon find that your child can have their meals without your help. However, life skills are not the only lessons your child will take away from this show. Once your toddler starts following this cartoon, they’ll learn the core values of sharing, empathy, and kindness.

The episodes include stories of characters sharing their toys and playing together happily. This could teach your child how rewarding sharing and friendship can be, thereby prompting them to interact with their peers healthily. Not only this, but your toddler will also enjoy the catchy songs in each episode that relate to different lessons.


  • The cartoon is beautifully illustrated in bright and warm colors
  • It teaches children basic skills such as eating on their own
  • It helps children learn about sharing, empathy, and other core values
  • Each episode includes a catchy song that kids will love
  • The language used is simple enough for toddlers to follow


  • It doesn’t include academic lessons like those included in other educational shows

5.  Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies: Get Ready for School


This creative, fun show revolves around a small group of fish that are navigating the world of preschool. Watching just a few minutes of this show will help you understand why it’s usually the number 1 pick for the parent wishing to prepare their toddlers for formal schooling. These endearing fish characters make going to school every day appear to be a fun adventure rather than a routine task.

Each character in the show introduces your child to a different subject such as science, math, reading, and others that are taught in preschool and elementary school. All of these subjects are introduced and taught in lessons that are very simple for toddlers to grasp and retain.

Sitting your child down to watch this show every day will get them excited for school and help you teach them basic concepts as well. The viewing experience with Bubble Guppies is made fun of by the numerous songs and stories included in it. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the plots developed in the show are better thought-out than other shows for toddlers.

In having interesting, somewhat complex plot lines, the show allows itself to stand out from those that only feature the most basic, to-the-point stories. These stories will ignite your child’s imagination and encourage them to think out of the box to solve problems. Additionally, this show features some of the best animations we’ve seen in any TV show for toddlers.

The characters look strikingly real and deliver their lines with ease, making your child feel like they’re interacting with friends rather than watching a show.


  • It’s one of the best shows out there that prepares children to show preschool
  • The characters appear realistic and make children believe that schooling is an adventure
  • The show is interactive, which is perfect for toddlers
  • The songs included in every episode are well-written and quite catchy
  • Toddlers are introduced to science, counting, reading, and more through these fish characters


  • The show doesn’t deliver very well on teaching toddlers ethical values
  • Some of the characters can get tiresome to watch over time

6.  Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train PBS Kids 2-Pack Learning & Education DVD Collection: Big Pond Adventures / Big, Big, Big (Created by Jim Henson)


Which child doesn’t love dinosaurs? These majestic creatures have been extinct for millions of years now, and children still find them fascinating. Therefore, it’s highly effective to teach children some basic lessons they’ll need before preschool with the help of some colorful, friendly dinosaurs.

This show is one that perfectly combines learning with fun. The bright colors and intricate graphics in this show make the dinosaurs look realistic but not frightening. The show centers around a T-Rex family that lives peacefully with other dinosaurs in their community. The best part of this show is not the academic lessons it imparts to young viewers but the lessons of overcoming differences to forge healthy relationships.

Your child will surely enjoy learning about different species that evolved through various eras on our planet with the help of this show. The facts outlined in the show are complemented by lessons of empathy and curiosity, which is a refreshing spin on how educational shows are generally approached.

Even if your child hasn’t shown any interest in dinosaurs before now, they’re sure to fall in love with this lovely T-Rex family and learn some fun new concepts along the way. Don’t be surprised if your little one sits in front of your TV for hours, completely wrapped in the show wishing they could jump aboard the dinosaur train and learn about prehistoric times.


  • The animation is unique and well-designed
  • The dinosaurs are engaging characters with their friendly personalities
  • It helps children learn about different species that lived in the prehistoric era
  • It teaches children the importance of curiosity, acceptance, and more
  • It’s a highly entertaining show that children of both preschool and elementary school-age enjoy


  • It only covers fewer academic areas as compared to other educational shows for toddlers
  • Some of the words used can be confusing for toddlers to understand

The Final Word

After reviewing the best educational shows for toddlers, we’ve concluded that the most popular shows are those that blend entertainment with learning perfectly. If a show focuses too much on academic content, watching it may seem more like a task than a fun activity for toddlers.

On the other hand, if a show offers only entertainment to your child, allowing them to watch it for hours together can develop into an unhealthy habit. You don’t want your toddler to waste their time in this way, which is why the show you choose should help them learn some useful lessons.

By useful lessons, we aren’t just referring to academic lessons, but also those lessons that teach your child about core ethical values. For example, learning about the importance of friendship, leadership, confidence, and other desirable qualities will help prepare your child for school.

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