Best Science Kits For Kids

It’s not easy to keep a kid occupied, especially when they’re being forced to stay indoors. Their boredom sometimes manifests until it makes them irritable and restless, not knowing how to channel their boundless energy. Having your child play with dolls, train sets, and other popular toys is great, but it’s not exactly educational. Have you considered purchasing a science kit for your kid instead?

Science kits are now available online for kids of all ages, and allowing your child to use one is among the most interesting and educational activities you can provide them with to keep them busy. These kits generally consist of simple experiments that your child can perform in the comfort of your home. In using a science kit, your child can learn about the various ways in which nature works using an entirely practical approach.

Not only do these kits allow your child to learn how to implement basic scientific principles practically, but they also help them progress with their studies at school. This is why many schools around the world even encourage parents to let their children use such kits to further their understanding of science.

However, because there are various brands out there that currently produce science kits for kids, it can be difficult to differentiate the good quality kits from the sub-standard ones. Therefore, in this article, we’ll take you through our reviews of the best science kits for kids we could find online.

Best Science Kits For Kids

In this section, we’ll dive into our in-depth reviews on the best science kits in the market today. These kits are produced by the most highly reputed brands in the industry, and you can be sure that they’re safe for your child to use. We’ve elaborated on the features and listed out the pros and cons of each kit here to help you make a well-informed decision on which one you should pick for your little one.

1.   National Geographic Stunning Science Chemistry Set

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set - Mega Science Kit with Over 15 Easy Experiments, Make a Volcano, Launch a Rocket, Create Fizzy Reactions, & More, STEM Toy, an Amazon Exclusive Science Kit


This science kit is produced by National Geographic and is one of the best quality kits we could find online. Your kid can perform several experiments using this kit and is sure to have fun in the process. You’ll be pleased to find that they could spend many happy hours learning the experiments and trying them out for themselves.

The best feature of this kit is how realistic the tools in it are and how much they can make your kid feel like they’re performing experiments in an actual scientific laboratory. Kids can perform no less than 45 different experiments with the help of this kit. It includes everything from launching rockets and erupting volcanoes to creating simple chemical reactions in different substances.

With so many options to choose from, this kit is sure to spark your child’s imagination and leave them curious about the workings behind scientific principles. The kit also includes a bonus guide with 30 more experiments that your child can perform at home whenever they wish.

None of these additional experiments require special ingredients or equipment, and you’ll be pleased to find that they include nothing more than common household items that are easily accessible.

What’s more – the instruction included in this kit is very easy for kids to follow, which is a great advantage by itself. We say this because science kits that feature complicated instructions can be off-putting for kids to play with and they may feel demotivated to try out the experiments if they can’t understand the instructions properly.


  • It features very easy-to-follow instructions
  • It’s produced by a reputed and reliable brand
  • It contains a total of 45 experiments that are varied and interesting
  • The kit includes adequate supplies to support various experiments
  • It teaches kids the fundamental principles of chemistry


  • Using the kit can get quite messy
  • It’s a little on the pricier side of science kits for kids

2.   Learn And Climb Science Kit

Learn & Climb Science Kit for Kids - 21 Experiments Science Set, Hours of Fun.


This science kit for kids by Learn And Climb features 21 experiments – each more creative and intriguing than the last. These exciting experiments include creating crystals and lava camps to creating volcanoes which is a favorite among younger and older kids alike. However, what we found to be the best feature of this kit is that it includes all the supplies your kid would need to perform all the 21 experiments.

This is in contrast to some science kits out there that only provide you with the most basic tools for the experiments leaving you to purchase the rest of the supplies you’ll need separately. Not only do these kits stretch your budget, but they also merit extra effort on your part in requiring you to look for all the additional materials your child will require for the experiments.

The only materials you’ll require that are not included in the kit are household items that couldn’t be included, such as water, eggs, and oil. The rest of the chemicals and apparatus are included in the kit, and for the price it retails at, we’d say this is quite impressive. Besides, this kit also includes a guide with explicit instructions on how the experiments can be performed – instructions that children will find easy to understand.

And if your child is not comfortable with reading the instructions provided just as yet, they could choose to watch the videos online that demonstrate how the experiments can be performed in detail. All the materials and ingredients in the kit are safe for children.


  • It allows kids to perform no less than 21 experiments
  • All the chemicals, apparatus, and ingredients required for the experiments are included in the kit
  • It’s very reasonably priced for the number of materials it includes
  • The printed instructions and demonstration videos are very easy to follow
  • It comes with a 30-day return policy if you’re not satisfied with your purchase


  • The quality of materials used in the kit is not as good as those used in pricier kits

3.   SNEAN Science Kit

SNAEN Science Kit with 30 Science Lab Experiments,DIY STEM Educational Learning Scientific Tools for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Years Old Boys Girls Kids Toys Gift


This is one of the most affordable science kits we could find online, which is impressive considering the quality of materials included in it. This kit includes no less than 47 pieces with which your child can perform 30 different scientific experiments. The experiments included in the kit range from creating rainbow fountains and rain to blowing bottle balloons and erupting volcanoes.

The chemicals included in the kit are packed separately in bottles which allows you to preserve them as long as possible for your child to use as and when they please. What we liked most about this set is how the instructions are presented. The kit has 15 differently colored cards that contain instructions on both sides. The instructions for each of the 30 experiments are clearly explained on these cards, and children are sure to find these easy to follow.

The challenges of using this science kit are something your little one is sure to enjoy overcoming since the instructions and materials included are convenient to understand and use. If your child has been expressing an interest in science lately, this kit could be the perfect outlet for them to channel their curiosity. This is especially true for young kids as this kit is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

After just a few hours of using this kit, you’ll find that your child begins to enjoy improving their focus and concentration and challenging this into something very productive.


  • It allows for 30 experiments, and all chemicals are provided with the kit
  • The chemicals are packed separately, which means the experiments can be re-performed at will
  • It helps children improve their focus and builds confidence
  • The instructions come on brightly colored flashcards and are simple to follow
  • It’s quite affordable


  • The additional household materials required are not mentioned enough on the kit

4.   The Thames And Cosmos Kids First Science Laboratory Kit

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Science Laboratory Kit


This Thames and Cosmos kit are one of the most expensive science kits we found online and for a good reason. This kit is specifically designed for preschool kids to improve their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Therefore, using these, kids can develop some of the most basic, essential skills they’ll require to progress through school.

Think of it as a head start you can give your child before they begin their formal schooling, and you may not wince at the hefty price tag so much. This kit includes 24 plastic tools that are light and easy for young children to handle. Besides, since they’re all plastic materials, they’re mostly resistant to easy breakage and can be reused as many times as required.

This set of toy laboratory tools comes with a 16-page instruction manual and 10 double-sided cards that detail the experiments your kid can perform using the tools included. The manual mostly contains information on how the tools and experiments can help your child develop the basic skills (including motor skills) and knowledge required to understand the fundamental concepts of science.

What we found to be a small yet convenient feature of this kit is that the tools are all packed snugly into a large plastic container. This container makes the tools easy to move around and also allows your kid to store all the tools safely back in it when they’re done using the kit.


  • The toys or tools are all made with great quality plastic that doesn’t show signs of damage or breakage easily
  • The tools included are large which makes them difficult to use
  • It includes a manual that contains information on how the tools benefit young children
  • It’s one of the most popular science kits available online today and has won the Parent’s Choice Gold Award
  • It helps develop your child’s understanding of basic scientific principles


  • It’s significantly costlier than other science kits available for kids
  • It allows for only very simple experiments

5.   The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab Kit

The Magic School Bus - Chemistry Lab


This is one of the most creative, colorful science kits we could find, and kids are sure to love this as both a toy and a learning resource. Based on a beloved cartoon, this kit features illustrations from the show, and if your kid has watched it, they’re sure to find playing with this kit to be very exciting. This kit is suitable for kids aged 5 and above since the experiments are a little complex for younger kids to perform.

Using this kit, you can teach your child about various scientific concepts such as surface tension, the formation of bubbles, the properties of acids and bases, and of course – the eruption of volcanoes. Like all the best educational science kits for kids, this kit allows your child to develop their skills in technology, engineering, and mathematics as well.

There is a reason why this kit is so well-designed and has such a high educational value – it was developed by scientists, teachers, and alumni from Harvard. It has also passed several tests to prove its safety and effectiveness in helping young minds absorb scientific concepts.

Aside from the common, basic ingredients and materials, you’re sure to have at home, this kit includes everything your child would need to perform the experiments detailed here.

Teaching your child how to perform the experiments in this kit is likely to prove a great experience for the two of you and help your child learn various new concepts and skills.


  • It contains bright illustrations and children who love the show are sure to love using the kit
  • It allows for fun and creative experiments that even older children will enjoy performing
  • It includes all the supplies needed for performing the experiments (except for basic household materials)
  • It doubles up as a fun toy set
  • It’s reasonably priced for the quality of tools provided


  • The instructions included with the kit may not be very easy for young children to follow

6.    National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set - Perform 10 Amazing Easy Tricks with Science, Create a Magic Show with White Gloves & Magic Wand


This innovative science set is both unique and exciting for kids to experiment with. Even though this kit contains far fewer experiments (10) than others we’ve reviewed in this article, they’re among the most intriguing experiments we’ve seen included in any science kit for kids of all ages.

These experiments range from simple (changing the color of water) to more complex (making a coin float in water) and are sure to capture the imagination of your young one and spark their curiosity. However, one of the most exciting experiments we’ve seen in any science kit is one we’ve seen included in this kit which is to make snow appear magically.

Since these activities and experiments are designed as magic tricks, your child can choose to put up a magic show for you once they’ve mastered how to perform each experiment. What’s more – white gloves and a magic wand are included in this set as well, which further allows it to function as both a science kit and a magic set.

This kit includes all the tools you’d need for the experiments, along with some additional tools to give it a magical touch. It also features illustrated instructions your child can follow quite easily to learn all the experiments in no time.


  • It’s a unique kit that works as a science kit and magic set
  • It includes all the relevant materials required for the experiment
  • The experiments included are varied in degrees of complexity
  • The techniques featured are those used by actual scientists
  • The tools are of the highest quality


  • It allows for fewer experiments than most other science kits for kids


All in all, having your kid use a science kit is one of the most fun ways in which you can teach them basic scientific concepts either before they begin formal schooling or while they’re in school to help strengthen their knowledge and skills. These kits are not only easy to use, but they’re also quite durable, and you’ll find that the tools included in them can be used as many times as your child wishes to re-perform the experiments.

Besides, these kits aren’t costly to other toys for kids, and for the high educational value they offer, we’d say they’re quite a steal. Another way in which you can help your child learn a few basic skills is to rely on quality educational resources online. One such resource is this app which can help your child learn reading and spelling words correctly. In doing so, it also allows them to identify words based on their pronunciation and even helps them improve their diction in the process.


Therefore, whichever tools or resources you choose to employ to help your child gain knowledge and improve on their skills, make sure you do your research and opt for only the best.