12 Best Sensory Swings For Kids Reviewed

Having a swing installed at your house can be a fun activity for your young ones. The combination of enjoyable activity and calming effects make a sensory swing one of the most beneficial toys you could ever buy for your child. Despite all the entertainment sensory swing offers, it can be a useful addition to your child’s therapy toolkit by assisting with stimulus regulation and offering a calming sensory exercise.

The characteristics of this tool produce a firm, deep touch pressure and activate the vestibular system of your child. These factors make it popular in occupational therapy.

In this article, we are going to review the 12 best sensory swings for all kids including ones with autism spectrum. But before that, let’s discuss the benefits that such simulations have to offer.

Benefits of a Sensory Swing

Children can benefit a lot from sensory swings while still having fun. Every child has sensory needs that can be met by swinging, and sensory swing contributes to multiple benefits, such as:

  • Improves Balance – Your child will learn to feel safe in their body, even with their feet off the ground, while they sway in the sensory swing. This helps your child’s body and mind coordination and improves their posture stability and balance.
  • Support Sensory System – Children’s sensory systems expand as they become more familiar with how the swing operates and how it can induce motion. When exposed to unfamiliar stimuli, children’s sensory systems aid in body regulation. Since the swing is continually moving, the sensory perception constantly changes, which promotes greater growth and aids children in learning to adjust to various sensory experiences.
  • Improves Spatial Awareness – A child or adult with a fully developed sensory system can comprehend where their body is concerning other entities or bodies in the surrounding. Children that have good spatial awareness are quick and adaptable in their activities as well as better at subsequent tasks like balancing and climbing.
  • Strengthens Inner Ear – Children’s ear-based sense of balance is enhanced by the back-and-forth motion of swinging repeatedly. Swinging promotes the growth of the inner ear fluid and vestibular receptors, strengthening the link between the ear and the brain to improve balance.
  • Soothes Anxious Feelings – Sensory swing indoor and outdoor activity sessions soothe an anxious child, release all pent-up frustration and give a comfortable touch to life.
  • Reduces Insomnia Issue – Repetitive motion balances neuronal activity in the brain, which can assist both adults and children in calming down more quickly before bed and sleeping better all night. Swinging teaches the brain to settle down for a more peaceful night’s sleep rather than keeping it active all the time.
  • Motor Skills Development – Children who learn to swing are refining their gross and fine motor abilities, which are essential for their future development.
  • Enhancing Core Muscle Strength – Kids with gross motor skills can perform actions utilizing their abdominal muscles. By doing swinging motions such as pumping the legs, inducing motion to a swing, and jumping, you can enhance your core muscle strength. Strengthening the core muscles is aided by gross motor abilities. These muscles are essential for other motions, for forming wholesome habits, and for leading an active lifestyle.
  • Improving Hand Muscles – Smaller muscles and motions are used for performing fine motor abilities. Children use their hands and fingers to get onto the swing while holding it and do other swing-related activities. Smaller hand muscles that are helpful for essential skills like holding a pencil and handling small objects are developed through these activities.
  • Develops Social Skills – Children learn to engage with one another through unstructured free play in the outdoors. As kids play and collaborate while creating games and stories together, they hone their inventive abilities. Children’s use of swings helps foster their social development and creative thinking.
  • Stimulates Brain Development – Swinging plays a significant role in a child’s development and goes beyond being just a common playground pastime. In addition to encouraging physical exercise, swinging has numerous therapeutic and developmental advantages that benefit kids for the rest of their lives such as stimulating brain development and building powerful internal systems.
  • Focus Building Skills – If your child has ADHD condition, the sensory swing will prove more beneficial than ever. Your kids can relax and clear their thoughts while they are on the swing. They are prone to observe their environment, which will have them ready to concentrate for longer durations.

Best Sensory Swings for Kids

since we know all the benefits that sensory swings have to offer, it’s time to dive into the list of the best swings. Here we will cover the best options suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, children with autism, or ADHD as well as adults.

Consult your child’s occupational therapist and keep a lookout for your young ones while you allow them to play with these sensory swings. Your child will love the therapeutic benefits that the swings below offer in a variety of ways.

1. OUTREE Kids Pod Hanging Swing Seat

OUTREE Kids Pod Hanging Swing Seat Hammock ,Cotton Child Swing Hammock Chair for Indoor and Outdoor use(Green)


Kids would enjoy climbing into this lovely Pod swing because it is such a cozy place to be. Additionally, many kids use this as a place to hide out when they’re feeling overstimulated or when they need a break. This swing can be used to push children back and forth or make them spin, but due to its limited capacity, it cannot be used to lie down. Having a pod swing can enhance inventive creation by stimulating your child’s imagination, which is another advantage.

It has a weight capacity of 170 pounds and is intended for youngsters of two years and older. To make a comfortable experience, the swing comes with a very soft PVC cushion, which can be removed or replaced if needed.

The item weighs about 8.02 pounds with a 16 x 21″ adjustable supporting stand. Simply screw the provided hook into a stud to complete the installation. The swing offers a cozy cocoon for hibernating, where you can swing, relax, read, or watch TV. While having the flexibility to change the height, the swinging feels safe and comfortable.


  • The material is of good quality and it is super easy to hang.
  • Children love spending time in a closed cocoon and reading books.
  • The price for the pods was very reasonable.


  • The material is stretchy and may rip

2. Sensory Swing for Kids with Special Needs

Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs (Hardware Included) Snuggle Swing Cuddle Indoor Outdoor Adjustable Hammock for Children with Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, Sensory Integration


You will want to unwind in this swing because the silky cloth has a comfortable quality to it. This specific sensory instrument is intended to produce a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere while creating a secure environment while applying sensory pressure. It is extremely flexible, giving lots of room to bounce, swing, or stretch.

It is a peaceful and entertaining sensory aid that promotes body balance, motor planning, and spatial awareness. Children and teenagers with sensory processing disorder or those on the autistic spectrum are the perfect target audience for this snuggle swing. They can feel calmly relaxed in the hammock as they sit and cocoon there, and any undesirable sensory stimulus can be blocked by a hammock.

High-grade, smooth and silky nylon is used to make this therapy swing. Its maximum weight capacity of it is 220 pounds and follows a dimensional pattern of 110 inches in length, 63 inches in width, and 0.1 in depth.

A daisy chain, an O-sling, a carabiner, a U-hook, four extension screws, and four self-tapping screws are included as extras with this indoor sensory swing. And to make installation simple, you can consult the installation guide or video that is included with the purchase.

Age Appropriate: It is suitable for children of three years and up.


  • The quality of the product is very good, it should last quite a long time.
  • It is sturdy, easy to install, and works amazingly.


  • The fabric could be more stretchy.

3. Laegendary Saucer Swing for Kids and Adults

Laegendary Saucer Swing for Kids and Adults 40 inch Round Tree Swing for Outdoor 2 Tree Straps 2 carabiners & 1 Swivel Waterproof Holds up to 450 lbs


This sensory swing is the saucer-shaped version, giving it a more open feel while still providing youngsters the calming sensory experience they want. The hardware is provided, and the installation is straightforward. This swing also comes with a special swivel attachment that enables the saucer to rotate and spin in several ways. Additionally, it has a substantial weight restriction of 450 pounds and can hold numerous kids at once.

Your children will need some time to get used to a little instability while sitting on this rainbow-colored disc swing, but the comfortable foam handles on it will do their job to help your children feel safe and secure.

The item weighs only 8.43 pounds and follows a dimensional pattern of 130 x 40 x 130 inches. It is a 40-inch round swing with two tree straps, 2 carabiners, and 1 swivel waterproof. Both adults and children can use this as an outdoor relaxing activity.

Age Appropriate: The age limit recommended by the manufacturer is five years and up, but you can allow your children of two to four years old under your supervision.


  • Great swing and easy to put together.
  • It has a reasonable price.


  • The only issue is the way the swing attaches. It wobbles when children sit on it.

4. Swurfer – the Original Stand-Up Surfing Swing

Swurfer - the Original Stand Up Surfing Swing - Curved Maple Wood Board To Easily Surf The Air


You can hang the Skateboard Swing from a swing set or a tree, which is a fantastic outside choice. The child’s balance, coordination, motor planning, and core strength can all be enhanced by the challenges presented by this style of swing. Children three years of age and older are advised to use it. On this entertaining and simple-to-use sensory swing set, your youngster can pretend to be blasting off into space or surfing on a giant wave.

In contrast to swings manufactured from flat pieces of wood, Swurfer’s distinctive, curved shape is designed for more force, stability, and range of motion. To achieve the highest level of quality, each swing board is individually shaped, sanded, and finished by hand. Swurfer is excellent for enhancing balance, core strength, and arm and leg muscle tone. Because it is so entertaining, you might not even be aware that you are exercising.

The item weighs only eight pounds and has a weight holding capacity of around 200 pounds. This sensory swing follows a dimensional calculation of 11 x 32 x 6 inches. The item has a wooden frame and has three components, rope, handle and swing.

Age Appropriate: It is best suitable for children of six years and up.


  • The swing is made up of sturdy material.
  • The board is large and the handles are adjustable to fit different heights.


  • The whole thing might need to be sanded down and refinished after a year or two as the coating could start coming off.

5. DreamGYM Doorway Hammock Swing

DreamGYM Doorway Hammock Swing - Hammock Chair with Stand in Door Frame- Sensory Swing for Adults and Children - Rainbow


The DreamGYM therapeutic net swing is a premium hammock chair made for maximum comfort and coziness. While providing optimal relaxation, the breathable netting material of this soft polyester rope chair molds to your body posture. From youngsters to adults, the DreamGYM Therapy Net Swing is the ideal haven. It provides comfort and inspires the imagination with its serene hovering presence.

DreamGYM Doorway Swing is the best option for any home, especially those with limited space. It may be quickly installed at the entryway of your living area, bedroom, or child’s room. The swing bar is quickly and easily mounted to your door frame using sturdy metal brackets.

The weight capacity of this winging hammock is 220 pounds with a height limitation of 7 ft followed by a dimensional pattern of 85 x 48 x 72 inches. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities as the two large stainless steel hammock loop protectors prevent the wear and tear of the hammock fibers.

Age Appropriate: It is designed for both children and adults.


  • Highly recommend it for any child but especially for those with sensory issues
  • The quality is top notch and the swing itself is comfortable.
  • The product has beautiful colors, is well made, and offers great functionality.


  • The mounting seems to be not durable.

6. Sorbus Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook

Sorbus Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook – Hanging Seat Hammock for Indoor Outdoor Use – Great for Children (40 Inch, Nest Blue)


The Sorbus swing is a variant of the embracing swing that uses a triangular tepee-style structure. Even though there is less of an enclosed feeling, the vestibular system’s sensory benefits are still present. With a weight restriction of 250 pounds, it can hold several kids at once.

There is no cushion or pillow attached to the flat bottom of the swing, and some people may notice a little tipping sensation due to the seat’s circular bottom, similar to the saucer swing design. There are two additional windows in the back of the swing for increased visibility, keeping with the more open aesthetic. While still offering peaceful sensory pleasure, the Sorbus Nest Swing offers an alternative to the cuddling cocoon swing.

The weight capacity of this sensory swing is 250 pounds and follows a dimensional pattern of 40” W x 65” H. It is a tee pee-style teardrop design for a cozy nest look with round windows. It is made of 100% cotton that will not stretch or rip under pressure. The color will not fade away making it easy to spot clean and machine washable.

Age Appropriate: It is suitable for children of three years and up.


  • This is a great concept for children who love outdoor sessions.
  • It’s a high-quality product and a lot bigger than it seems.


  • The only catch is the rope that is included for hanging is not that long.

7. Highwild Hanging Rope Swing

Highwild Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing - Max 500 Lbs - 2 Cushions Included - Steel Spreader Bar with Anti-Slip Rings - for Any Indoor or Outdoor Spaces (Beige)


Your child might enjoy relaxing in the hammock swing, which is an inexpensive indoor and outdoor alternative. This swing is ideal for kids who want to keep aware of their surroundings while swinging but also want a little protection, which the swing’s sides will provide them. It is ideal for children who enjoy relaxing with moderate sways.

Many therapists use hanging hammocks because the motion of the chair stimulates the cerebral cortex and improves concentration. Have your kid use this hammock to unwind, read, concentrate, or practice meditation. It is a therapeutic outlet to improve relaxation and focus.

The maximum weight capacity of this swing is 500 pounds. It comes with two cushions, and a steal spreader bar with anti-clip rings. The item weighs only 6.85 pounds and the material used is Polyester, Textile, Canvas, and Cotton. It follows dimensional parameters of 34″L x 39″W.

Age Appropriate: It is suitable for children of three years and up.


  • The quality of the swing seems fine and appears to be comfortable.
  • The swing is comfortable, sturdy, and durable.
  • The colors are vibrant and after washing the cover, the color does not fade away.


  • The instruction manual is not clear enough.

8. PIRNY Hammock Chair Indoor Swing

PIRNY Hammock Chair Stand, Include Hanging Indoor Swing,MAX Load 500 LBS, Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand for Indoor Outdoor(Grey)


A PIRNY hammock rope chair allows you to relax in a soft, comfortable hanging chair. The large surface of the swing is intended to give you plenty of room to relax, read a book, swing in a cozy chair, or take a short nap. The components are simple to put together, so you can hang them in your bedroom, terrace, living room, porch, or wherever else you see fit.

This sensory swing can support up to 500 pounds of weight, meaning it is perfectly suitable for adults or multiple children. The whole set consists of a hammock chair stand, hanging swing, and swing hooks, and the material of a swing is made from 100% cotton and is soft and comfortable.

Heavy weather-resistant steel tubes are used to create the premium stand material. The whole package only weights 23.9 pounds, and its measurements when assembled are 62.9 x 46.4 x 36.6 inches.

Age Appropriate: It is suitable for children of three years and up.


  • Comparatively speaking, this swing is lightweight and strong.
  • It swings easily and is appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors.


  • Due to metal swing hooks, the swing makes additional noises.

9. Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock

Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat with Adjustable Multi-Use Stand for Any Indoor or Outdoor Spaces


This hanging chair will become your, or your children’s favorite hiding spot – thanks to the comfortable padding on the backrest. The hammock chair swing seat comes with a light and adjustable multi-use stand, which makes this swing easy to relocate and suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. You can adjust the seat height after assembling the frame if you wish to relax in luxury on the patio, back porch, garden, sunroom, or under the shaded area.

This set has a 330-pound weight capacity with dimensions of roughly 45″ broad by 53″ deep. Its standing height may be modified from 79″ to 93″. Multiple color combinations are available, including Red/Purple, Green/Purple, Yellow/Orange, Blue/Yellow, and Blue/Green.

Age Appropriate: It is suitable for children of three years and up.


  • The shape of this swing and the fact that you can hang it inside or outside makes it a great sensory swing.
  • The frame’s steel construction and material quality are flawless.
  • This hammock swing is comfortable and well-made.


  • The spring hook is pointing to one side which prevents the chair from staying upright.

10. Giant Skycurve Platform Tree Swing

Trekassy 700lb Giant 60" Skycurve Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults Textilene Wear- Resistant with 2 Hanging Straps


This sensory swing is similar to a saucer swing that we have already covered, however, it forms a rectangle shape and has a larger weight capacity allowing more kids onboard and more fun.

The swing seat is composed of a high-quality Textilene material that is considerably more durable than swings made of other materials since it is wear-resistant, UV-resistant, and non-fading. That means you can leave the swing in any weather conditions over the long term.

Since the weight capacity is 700 pounds, it fits eight children or three adults and has a 60″ steel frame, which is made of tight-weave cloth. Two packs of 10-foot, 2000 lb. tree straps are part of the package, therefore there is no need to invest in additional straps or accessories.

Age Appropriate: It is suitable for children of three years and up.


  • The swing is large allowing a collective fun.
  • It is easy to assemble and works great.


  • It does swing sideways, so you need to give it more room than you think.

11. LAEGENDARY Tree Swing for Kids

LAEGENDARY Tree Swing for Kids - Single Disk Outdoor Climbing Rope w/ Platforms, Carabiner & 4 Ft Tree Strap - Playground Accessories - Multicolored


Due to the numerous challenges it presents and the ways it develops grip, core strength, and motor planning this swing is a fantastic option for youngsters. It is suitable for hanging outdoors on any tree, and with some additional hardware, it can be put inside your house.

Although this swing would not be a good choice for kids who are sensitive to movement, it is ideal for those who love to move and are always on the lookout for new adventures. The frame of this sensory swing is made solely of polythene, which is a highly durable material.

The package contains rubber discs and ropes which can bear a maximum weight of around 120 pounds. The item weighs only 5 pounds and follows the dimensional pattern of 129.6 x 11.8 x 129.6 inches.

Age Appropriate: It is best suitable for children aged three years and up.


  • The swing is very sturdy and works great for young toddlers.
  • There is no assembly, and it is ready right out of the box. It is also easy to install.


  • The seat and climbing discs are hollow and hold water.

12. Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat, Turquoise , Blue


The Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing allows babies and toddlers to swing outside while honing their fine and gross motor abilities. This children’s swing has a safe restraint mechanism and a cozy bucket seat. Young children can hang onto the rope while being pushed by an adult, and as they grow up, they can pump their legs to swing independently.

This swing set allows a secure attachment of the sturdy seat swing for infants and toddlers, and it can hold up to 50 lbs. The sensory swing weighs 6.5 pounds, and it follows a dimensional pattern of 23″ H x 11″ W x 16.1″ D.

Age Appropriate: Recommended for babies nine months old to toddlers up to 50 lbs.


  • It is very roomy without allowing room for accidents.
  • It is very sturdy and easy to assemble.
  • It is a great way to get outside during the day and gives mom a little break.


  • Sometimes the package delivers the product with minor defects.


Occupational therapists frequently utilize swinging platforms to expose kids to new movements and sensory experiences. The tilting motions of the swing can aid a child’s balance, strengthen their core muscles, improve their posture, and increase their awareness of their bodies. Additionally, a child’s senses can be calmed or awakened to increase focus and mood on the carpeted platform swing, and for those reasons, sensory swings are excellent tools.

Here we have covered a list of the best sensory swings that are not only suitable for toddlers, and older kids, but also for children with autism, ADHD, and even adults.

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