Shifu Orboot Globe Review

The Shifu Orboot is a toy like no other- it’s an AR (augmented reality) globe. Globes are wonderful teaching tools that promote knowledge of math, science, and understanding of other lifestyles and locations.

I think it’s good for kids to learn about other cultures, parts of the world, and how to read a map. A standard globe is great for teaching this and other skills, but combining technology with it enhances the fun.

That’s the story behind Shifu Orboot, the globe created by Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal. It was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign and has since won many awards such as this one from the National Parenting Center.

If you’re ready to learn more about Shifu Orboot, keep reading.

Overview of Shifu Orboot

Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls Ages 4+ Educational Toy Gift (No Borders, No Names On Globe)

Shifu Orboot is a 10-inch AR globe. Kids can learn endless information about other countries and their culture, cuisine, animals, monuments, and capitals. They can use a smartphone or tablet to download the Shifu Orboot app and explore the world.

There are a total of six categories from which to choose, and a thousand-plus facts to read.

This is a way for your child to experience different ways of life around the world, by using current information, using 3D models, and engaging them in various learning activities such as quizzes and puzzles.

It’s a wonderful way to promote knowledge of geography and get them interested in the world at large.

Setup of Shifu Orboot

Setup of the globe is pretty easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the app using Android Play Store or iOS App Store. Sync all categories you like.
  2. Open up the Orboot App
  3. Look for stars on the globe. Now scan that star and review what’s special about that region.
  4. Touch any of the area’s highlights and explore away.

Personal Experience

My daughter was gifted a Shifu Orboot globe by her grandmother, and I truly have nothing but good things to say about it. I wrote this review because I would have purchased it myself (we were just lucky enough to be gifted one)- it’s that good.

My daughter enjoys holding our tablet up to the globe and seeing everything there is to offer on it. On its own, the globe looks like an incomplete cartoon version of a globe, but with the help of the iOS or Android app, it certainly begins to shine.

The start-screen is personalized. On the app, it will say “Lily’s Orboot”, a nice touch.

The child is then supposed to use the stars marking off various continents to begin exploring the world.

The globe has many layers, and the youngsters can choose what they’d like to see. If your child selects “Cuisine,” they will see foods that countries consume most often. If they select “monuments” they can see landmarks and such in that country.

My daughter enjoys the “Animals” the best.

I think this is a  wonderful tool to help kids get started on geography and provide them an introductory lesson to what other cultures are like, and if you’re unsure of whether or not to buy it, I’d say go for it.

Side Note: Does your young child love animals? If your kiddo loves tablet games and critters as much as my daughter does, I highly recommend checking out Animal Island Learning Adventure:


It’s a technology-based learning platform that will have your littlest ones learning their numbers, letters and even some problem-solving skills, all while using fun animal characters to do so.

Go check it out. It’s a great way to allow your child a bit of screen time but with an educational twist. Plus, there are no ads to worry about!

Buying Guide

There are, at this time, three Shifu Orboot globes available. In this section, we will discuss each globe so you can decide which one is best for your child.

#1  Orboot Earth

Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls Ages 4+ Educational Toy Gift (No Borders, No Names On Globe)


This is the globe that most people get when they search for Shifu Orboot. This is the one my daughter loved and the one most parents initially buy for their child.

It offers kids the chance to explore 400-plus highlights, over 1000 interesting facts, and learn about six different categories- maps, animals, inventions, monuments, cuisines, and cultures.

Children use a smart device to scan the globe, touch the highlights that interest them, and learn more about them.

Aside from the highlights, kids can also take advantage of the games Shifu Orboot has to offer.

Games for the Orboot Earth

Treasure Hunt: Your child can use their detective skills to hunt down national treasures by going around the globe and collecting them.

Quiz Wiz: Your child can test their knowledge and show you what they’ve learned using this fun quiz game. It’s a great way for kids to feel good about what they learned, and build confidence about test- and quiz-taking.

Oko Park: Kids can construct their very own National Park, which promotes creativity and spatial knowledge.

Will It Work With My Device?

Here are the various devices Orboot Earth is compatible with:

  • Android devices with at least 3GB RAM
  • iPhone 6 and Up
  • iPad Mini 2 and Up
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air

Please note this device does not work with Amazon Fire Tablets.

What Do You Get?

Inside the Orboot Earth box, you will get:

  • A 10-inch globe
  • A stamp
  • A passport book
  • The chance to select from 9 different languages so your child can learn in their preferred language

Pros and Cons


  • Kids can learn about various cultures, foods, animals, and capitals of countries
  • It’s educational and promotes STEM knowledge
  • Great toy for homeschooled kids
  • It’s affordable and teaches kids about technology and its use in our world
  • Great for boys and girls


  • It’s hard to hold onto the device with one hand and touch the screen with the other for young kids
  • The room must be well-lit for the AR to work

#2  Orboot Dinos Interactive AR Globe

Shifu Orboot Dinos AR Globe (App Based) - World of Dinosaur Toys, Educational Toy for Kids. Gift for Boys & Girls 4 Years & up, M (Shifu027)


Does your child just love dinosaurs? Many kids do, and this globe is all about dinos. Your kid can enter a world of prehistoric fun with the world’s first dinosaur globe. Your child can meet Carnotaurus, Mosasaurus, T-Rex, and 50 other dinosaurs as they play and explore.

How Does It Work?

The Orboot Dinos globe works just like the other Shifu Orboot globe- you simply scan it with your device to see the dinos pop up in beautiful 3D.

Then you tap on the dino to learn more about it. A voiceover will tell you all you need to know about the creature.

Your child can then play games to boost their thinking skills and promote higher-level cognition.

Product Highlights

The globe is beautiful and easy for small hands to turn and grip. Your child will just love learning about dinosaurs from millions and millions of years ago.

They will read over 400 dinosaur facts and learn by listening to the voiceovers, which are clear and easy to understand.

You can play games with themes of time travel, dinosaurs, and fun characters that will teach as much as they entertain.

Your child will learn the difference between the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods with this globe.  Best of all, the app required to run this toy is completely free.

Games and Activities

Explore Mode: By turning on Explore Mode, your child will learn about how dinosaurs evolved, their traits, and interact with over 50 dinosaurs.

Dino’Clock Adventures: Meet an adorable character named Jay and help him use his magical watch to keep him out of trouble. Your child will learn decision-making, thinking on their feet, and more with this fun game.

Is My Device Compatible?

Here are all the devices compatible with the Orboot Dinosaur.

  • iPad 5th Gen and up
  • iPad Air- all models
  • iPad Pro- All Models
  • iPad Mini 2 and up
  • iPhone 6 and up
  • Android Devices with min 3GB ram

Amazon Fire Devices are not supported.

Pros and Cons


  • Promotes scientific thinking and STEM knowledge
  • Promotes attention to detail
  • Great for boys and girls alike


  • Not compatible with Amazon Fire Tablets

#3  Orboot Mars

Shifu Orboot Mars (App Based) - Interactive AR Globe for Planet Mars Research, Space Adventure Educational Toy for Boys & Girls - STEM Toy & Gift for Kids Ages 6 - 12 Years (SHIFU028)


Do you have a little astronaut who just loves outer space and everything to do with the galaxy? Or, would you like your child to explore STEM learning toys in a fun and engaging way?

Then you have to check out the Orboot Mars Interactive AR Globe. This toy is incredible to have right now, as there’s plenty of talk about Mars in the news and more.

This is the perfect opportunity to let your child run wild, explore what the Red Planet has to offer, and take up their own intergalactic missions.

Your child will:

  • Read over a thousand facts about Mars
  • Go on fun space adventures
  • Explore over 20 crafts used in outer space exploration

How Does This Work?

You will begin by installing the Orboot Mars app using the Play Store/App Store.

Next, your child can use the device that has the app on it to scan the globe and read about/interact with orbiters, 3D rovers, and landers.

You can then click on the Mars Mission to further the adventure and learn even more.

Games Included On Orboot Mars

Code Red: this is a fun, fictional space game where kids are rescuing astronauts stranded on the Red Planet AND navigating a spacecraft.

Discover Mars: In this game, kids will take a tour of Mars and learn about major mountains, valleys, craters, and Martian Plains.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for promoting STEM knowledge
  • Gets kids interested in space and the world beyond Earth
  • Great for boys and girls
  • Ideal for homeschooled students


  • Not compatible with Android Fire tablets

Will My Device Work?

Here are all the compatible devices for the Orboot Mars:

  • iPad 5th Gen and up
  • iPad Air- all models
  • iPad Pro- All Models
  • iPad Mini 2 and up
  • iPhone 6 and up
  • Android Devices with min 3GB ram

Amazon Fire Devices are not supported.

Why Does A Toy Like This Matter?

Some of you might be on the fence about getting this toy. Maybe you’re afraid it won’t be worth it, or you might not see the value in it.

The truth of the matter is that this toy is packed with value, and it’s worth considering.

All toys are not just a distraction for kids. They are the tools children use to learn. Items that promote the use of imagination help children develop in an emotional and intellectual manner.

Playing with toys is important for children whether they are infants touching a stuffed animal or a 12-year-old driving a remote control car, or somewhere in between.

Playing with toys helps children grow cognitively, emotionally, physically, and morally. The act of sharing toys helps children learn how to interact with peers, teaches them patience, and helps them understand the joy that comes from sharing something with somebody else.

The Shifu Orboot toy is not just an item that promotes knowledge of STEM and other cultures. It’s a shareable toy that kids are going to enjoy showing to their friends and family members.

STEM Toys as a Whole

Why consider adding this STEM toy to your kid’s arsenal? Here are some of the benefits associated with STEM toys:

  • Coordination and Motor Skills: Many people think about tech and science toys as being useful for the minds of students, but these are great for helping kids fine-tune their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It’s one of the reasons toys with a scientific focus are great for young learners.
  • Great for Critical Thinking and Creativity: Many times, we don’t think of math and science as being very creative. However, STEM toys teach that it’s OK to get creative when you need to solve a problem. A science-based toy teaches kids that every decision they make will have a certain outcome. This is a great way to teach kids critical thinking and creativity, and that it’s OK to experiment.
  • Learning Is Made Fun: Many school-age kids don’t enjoy science or math because it’s not fun, or because it’s too difficult. The Shifu Orboot globe teaches youngsters that learning is fun, a pathway to discovering new things about themselves and the world around them. By making STEM fun at an early age, we can set our children up for success and teach them that science, tech, mathematics, and engineering are essential to our world, not to mention fun.


Are batteries or Bluetooth required to run the Orboot?

Nope, batteries are not necessary. You also won’t need Bluetooth or anything else aside from your regular mobile phone or tablet to run the Orboot toy.

How Does This Device Work?

All that’s needed is the Orboot globe and your smart device. You can use your device to scan icons using the globe, choose a category for exploration, and start learning ASAP.

What Languages are offered on the Shifu Orboot?

You can use your Orboot in Ukrainian, Russian, Korean, Polish, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and English.

Is Internet or WIFI needed to use Orboot?

You only need to use it once, and that’s to set the app up on your device. After that, you can play the games offline, and you don’t even need the internet. The only internet connectivity you need is to update your app and gain access to all levels and games.

Where To Buy Shifu Orboot?

The best place to get Shifu Orboot and all of its offshoots are by going to the Shifu website. There, you will find all three of the fantastic globes for sale, and at competitive prices, too. You can also take advantage of the coupon codes available on the site- for example, at the time of this writing, there was a coupon code for 20% off for the company’s summer sale.

Aside from going to the actual Shifu site, you could visit as well. This is another reliable place to get your own Shifu globe at a price that can’t be beaten.

Bonus: If you’re buying this globe as a means of growing your child’s knowledge and helping them expand their STEM skills, you should check out Kids Discover. This is an award-winning platform that offers over 2000 articles about social studies and science. You can read all of them on your devices, so long as you have internet access. It’s a great tool to use in conjunction with your Shifu Orbit globe!

In Conclusion

Now that you know about the Shifu Orboot globe and what it can do for your child, the best thing to do is grab yourself one today.

It makes an excellent gift for any occasion and offers many benefits. Your child will learn about the world around them. Plus, it brings topics of diversity and cultural sensitivity to the table in a way that kids can understand.

So, set your child up for success today. My daughter just loves her globe and enjoys quizzing herself on what she’s learned. Your family is sure to love it as well!