P’kolino Little Reader Chair Review

What’s nicer than curling up in a comfortable chair while you read, play on your tablet, watch TV, or just relax? Nothing, of course.

Your child deserves the same comfort, in a way that is ergonomic and affordable. Plus, what if the chair could not only provide comfort to your little one but also offer them a cool room decoration?

This can be yours, with the P’kolino Little Reader Chair. This review will tell you all you need to know about these comfortable and fun chairs. Read on to discover why your toddler just has to have one of these incredible seats.

What Is The P’Kolino Little Reader Chair?

These comfortable chairs are toddler-sized seats. They are made of microfiber suede and are also crafted with high-density foam.

They measure 16 x 18 x 18 inches. They can fit just about anywhere and are perfect for those living in small spaces.

Another perk about these chairs is their machine washable covers. All you have to do is unzip the cover and toss it into the washing machine in case of a spill or accident.

They come in a variety of colors and styles, making them perfect for boys and girls.

About the P’Kolino Little Reader Chair

  • Sturdy Construction: The angular construction and wide base of the chair mean it won’t fall over or sink like so many other cheaper children’s chairs tend to do. It offers support for your child’s arms and back.
  • Comfortable Foam: The high-density foam is great in terms of support. It’s firm, so your child’s body feels cradled and steady. At the same time, it’s not rigid like a wooden chair. It’s the perfect blend of soft and firm so your child can fall asleep in it while relaxing with the TV or enjoy a comfortable reading/tablet experience.
  • It can best be compared to a firm mattress- that is, a premium-grade brand.  There’s no stuffing that lumps up and gets out of place, nor are there any springs or hard wooden frames. It’s just a comfortable and soft chair.
  • Durable Cover: The cover is soft and upholstery-grade. It’s not a thin, cheap cover. It’s also made with reinforced seams so it holds up against the typical wear and tear of a child.
  • Lightweight: Does your child like to use their chair in the living room, the family room, and the bedroom? Good news- the chair is lightweight and your kiddo will have zero trouble picking it up and carrying it along. If they just can’t live without it, the minimal weight of the chair makes it easy to take with you to Grandma’s or while staying away from home.
  • Pocket: Yes, just like Grandpa’s recliner, there is a pocket on the side. It’s perfect for toy remote controls, books, or small toys.

Why Buy This P’Kolino Little Reader Chair For Your Toddler?

P'kolino Little Reader Chair Review

Parents might wonder why they should purchase a toddler-size chair.  Turns out there are several reasons this is a good idea- let’s take a look at some of them now.

  • It’s nicely sized: Dimensions are 17.75 x 16 x 18 in.
  • Great value for money: Your child will surely use this chair a lot- and that means standing on it, knocking it over while they pretend to be ninjas, jumping off of it, and kicking it over pretending to be dinosaurs. (These are all things my daughter and her cousin Teddy have done to their chairs). Not to mention, they’re going to have accidents on it and spill their juice on it, too.
  • And yes, the chairs will stand up to this wear and tear.
  • It’s easy to clean: After the juice spill is cleaned up, pull off the chair cover and toss it into the washing machine. It’s that simple to get it looking and smelling good again.
  • Promotes Animal Love: This might seem like a stretch, but my daughter loves that our cat sits on her lap when she sits on her P’Kolino chair. It’s a good exercise in being kind and patient with our cat, and what to do when a cat decides to sit on your lap.

It’s Practical

  • Easy to tote around: Kids in the toddler/preschool age range love doing things independently, from dressing themselves to getting their snack down from the shelf on their own. This chair promotes independence thanks to the included carrying handle- the children can haul their chairs anywhere.
  • Ergonomic: Good posture and support are important to learn at an early age. After all, many of our kids will probably work at computers once they enter the career world, not to mention college and high school. This means they need to learn good posture and what ergonomics mean. It’s better to do it young, and this chair supports this knowledge by offering kids a comfortable and healthy place to sit.

Other Reasons To Buy This Chair

  • It’s Safe: Remember when I told you about Lily and Teddy pretending to be ninjas and dinosaurs? Well, those pretend games are not without their slips and falls. With this, it’s one less surface to worry about. With this chair, you needn’t worry about your child crashing into a sharp corner or hard surface when they inevitably take a tumble.
  • Stable: Your child won’t complain about sitting in the chair and sinking. And when they lean back pretending to be adults, they won’t necessarily fall over. Granted, you must still supervisor your children while they use this chair, but the sturdy construction minimizes this worry.
  • Varied Colors Available: While shopping on the product site, I noticed a few varieties of P’Kolino chairs for sale. For instance, the “Colorful” model would look nice in any nursery or child’s room, as it is a rainbow of colors and sure to appeal to all children. The gray Chevron is another lovely unisex option. The red is a dashing addition to any child’s room, but I think it would look very cool next to a toddler boy’s race car bed. Lastly, the pink would be a welcome chair for any little princess who would like a comfortable place to sit, read and enjoy herself.

More On Colors

There are so many colors to choose from that it can be hard to choose. As a result, we’ve rounded up the top four colors and patterns to narrow it down. These are the ones we think are the most stylish and unique- just perfect for helping your toddler establish their personality without clashing too hard with their rooms, the family room, or anywhere your child would like to stop and sit.

Two-Tone Chair

Our number-one pick for this category of P’kolino toddler chair is the Two-Tone orange chair. This has all the features you want in these incredible chairs. It’s got a lovely removable cover, ergonomic arms, a contoured seat, and a beautiful orange tone that’s great for boys or girls to enjoy.

P'Kolino Little Reader Toddler Two Tone Orange Children's Chair One Size


You can also personalize this chair, so it becomes a special place for a certain child to enjoy every day. Whether your child wants to feel like an adult with their special recliner, or you just think kid-size chairs are cute, this item is a must-have and your kids will love it.

Chevron Chair

Chevron patterns are in style and are here to stay. These adorable chevron chairs are made in a variety of colors. We chose the gray because it’s unisex and can be handed down to a brother or sister when the child gets too tall for the chair. You can personalize this item, and it has all the same great features you expect out of a P’Kolino product.

P'kolino Little Reader Chair, Coral


Gray is a wonderful color because it is neutral. You can match this chair up anywhere, even place it out on the deck or patio for a comfortable child-size seat during the warm summer months.

Stripes Chair

Stripes are all the rage! Your little one can enjoy this fun stripe pattern when you choose this chair. It’s sold in a variety of colors and will look nice anywhere. These fun chairs also have yellow piping around the outside, which is a nice color contrast.

They are available in blue, gray, pink, and orange. You can also personalize the chair for that extra touch or just leave it blank and pass it down to other kids in the family or neighborhood.

Like all the other chairs, this has the features you want like the side pocket, the washable cover, and the sturdy foam that your kids are going to love.

Themed Chairs

If your child loves airplanes, or they’re wild about flowers, you should check out these lovely themed chairs offered by P’Kolino.

The flower chair is nice to have in your living room and sports a cute retro-inspired print that will make all kids smile.

Meanwhile, the airplane print is sure to inspire kids to fly high whether that means reading books or dreaming as they nap in their comfortable chair.

These are must-have prints that will add a personal touch to any room and they make it easy for children to pull up a seat and socialize with others.

Solid Color Chairs

There’s nothing wrong with a solid-color chair. They’re easy to coordinate and decorate around.

Plus, the unisex colors make it easy to hand the chair down to a sibling or cousin once your little one has become too big for it.

You can also personalize these chairs, so consider one of these next time you need a useful gift for a cousin, a friend’s child, or any other youngster that needs a comfortable place to sit.

They feature all the great things you expect with P’Kolino chairs, so buy with confidence.

Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic chair, sized just for kids
  • A great number of patterns and colors to choose from
  • Easy to clean and keep fresh
  • It’s dense and firm and will stand up to kids’ wear and tear
  • You can personalize the chair with your child’s name (when ordering direct from the P’Kolino )


  • Because kids grow fast, your child may outgrow it rather quickly.

Buying Guide For Toddler Chairs

P'kolino Little Reader Chair Review

Ready to know what to look for when it comes to buying a great chair for toddlers? We’ve compiled a few great tips for you to keep in mind.

Correct Sizing Matters

Not every chair you come across is going to be the right fit for your little guy or gal. Thus, it’s best to have the child try out chairs when you buy them and ask them how they feel. Of course, don’t just take their word for it. Make sure they look comfortable, too. (We’ll go over some ergonomic stuff in a bit to check for).

The child’s feet should touch the ground, but they don’t need to lie flat while the child sits. The idea is that your kid will be able to sit down and get up all on their own. If their feet touch the ground while they sit, it won’t be any trouble at all for the child to make their move out of the chair when necessary.

Sturdy Build

With the right chair, style and safety can go hand in hand. For optimum safety, make sure you review the weight, age, and height of the child using the chair and compare it to the chair’s guidelines for what it can support. You also want to make sure the chair can withstand all the usual stuff toddlers and preschoolers are wont to do, such as jumping upon or climbing up on the chair.

Correct Age Range

Many chairs designed for toddler to preschool-age kids are rated for 18 months to 4 years old. It’s still important for you to check the packaging closely before you make your purchase, just in case the chair is technically rated for bigger children. Make sure you look for the suggested weight limit and age for the seat.

Material of the Chair

The material matters based upon the use of the chair. For instance, hard plastic chairs are great for easy sliding on floors when your little one is using them at kid-size tables. Meanwhile, a fabric chair is just perfect when it’s time to read, relax, or watch TV/movies. If you like coordinating the décor of your child’s room, rest assured you will find it easy to locate the material that matches and looks nice wherever it’s placed.

Ergonomically Friendly Chairs Matter

P'kolino Little Reader Chair Review

Ergonomics matters for our toddler to preschool kids, to our school-age kids. Let’s go over some things to know about ergonomics when it comes to children’s chairs.

Seating Posture

You’ll find that the P’kolino Little Readers chair is supportive of children in terms of ergonomics. The proper seating posture for kids is not unlike what’s good for adults. We have to remind our children to sit up straight and avoid slouching/hunching their backs.

Make sure you encourage your child to keep their back straight as much as they can. If your little one likes to sit at a desk, a kid-size table, or the coffee table for coloring/reading, make sure they keep their backs straight as much as possible. Your children want to avoid rounding their necks or leaning excessively while seated at their desks/tables.

The 90-90-90 Rule

This is more targeted toward school-age children who sit at a desk for homework or personal projects such as writing or making art. However, toddlers can benefit by learning how to sit properly early on so they have a good foundation for school and beyond.

The 90-90-90 rule indicates that the spine of the child would be making a 90-degree angle to their thighs, which lay flat upon the child’s seat. Last of all, their feet would lay flat on the floor, which makes a right angle to the shins.

Chair Seat Depth

Chair seat depth should allow a 1-2 inch gap between the edge of the seat and the knees of the child. This ensures the circulation isn’t cut off for the child as they sit, nor does it put pressure on the thighs.

Do keep in mind that it’s normal for kids to fidget or sit in funny positions every now and then. Just make sure that they’re not always hunched or slouching most of the time.

Why Good Posture Matters

The bones of kids are still growing. This means that we as parents and caregivers have to make sure the spinal alignment is always correct for kids. Bad posture from a young age could cause permanent spine ailments, for example, scoliosis or kyphosis.

A permanent change in the alignment of the spine could be the precursor to hunched back, chronic pain, and could affect the child’s balance when running or walking. Poor posture is also connected to heart disease, digestive issues, and varicose veins during adulthood.

Here is one study which shows that bad posture could lead to an increased risk of injury plus musculoskeletal pains.

Teach It When They’re Young

A chair such as the P’Kolino chair is one such way to teach youngsters about good posture at an early age. Kids that age aren’t necessarily going to understand why the 90-90-90 rule matters, but they will know what a comfortable and sturdy chair feels like. The P’Kolino chair offers that. Poor sitting habits are harder to unlearn as we get older.

Once a child becomes set in their ways as they become adults, it’s very difficult to break such a habit. So, start early to prevent back issues down the road.

Bonus: Ergonomic Learning! Yes, there is a way you can have your toddler learning without them hunching over a tablet or phone while they play their games and watch their videos. It’s called the Animal Island Learning Adventure, and it’s just what a young toddler needs to become ready for preschool and kindergarten.

The tablet sits on an ergonomic base and is also positioned at an angle, so kids don’t have to crane their necks. Your child will learn numbers, letters, problem-solving, and more- in a comfortable way. As a bonus, there are no ads or inappropriate content to worry about.

Could A P’Kolino Litte Readers Chair Promote Reading?

P'kolino Little Reader Chair Review

Perhaps! We can’t guarantee that the chair itself will have your little one clamoring for books all the time. But as parents, you can use the chair to set an example.

For instance, suppose all screens are stopped at 7 PM each day until 8:30 PM when your toddler goes to bed. For that hour and a half, you and everyone in your household sit in their chair with a book to read.

If your little one has his or her own seat, they will associate their comfortable chair with pleasure, reading, and family time, and they very well could emulate that behavior around the clock.

This fosters a love of books and reading, a skill that takes people far in both personal and professional ways.

And if your child doesn’t seem to enjoy reading, or can’t seem to get the hang of it, we recommend trying out the products Reading Head Start or Children Learning Reading.

Both of these programs are designed to help your child get into reading, or improve their skill if they’re already beginning to read.

They’re both affordable and well-made programs you are sure to love.


In Conclusion

These P’Kolino Little Reader Chairs are the greatest thing since sliced bread for helping toddlers and preschool-age kids feel included and comfortable.

With these chairs, your youngster can understand what a good chair feels like, sit in a comfortable and healthy way, and enjoy their books, TV and tablet games/videos in style.

Their backs will be supported and their legs will be comfortable.

And with the many styles and prints available, you can be sure there’s one that’s right for your young reader.

So, which of these amazing chairs will you buy? Go shop now, because some styles won’t last long!