20+ Best Reading Tools For Kindergarten

Navigating the world of kindergarten reading can often feel like a maze with endless options for resources. Research clearly indicates that early literacy development is crucial at this impressionable age.

This blog post aims to light your way through this labyrinth, presenting an assortment of highly recommended digital and physical tools tailored expressly for aiding your kindergarteners in their journey towards being proficient readers.

Recommended Reading Apps for Kindergarten Kids

Let’s start by covering the best reading apps for kids of kindergarten age.

Bob Books Reading Magic

Bob Books Reading Magic stands out among literacy apps for young readers and comes highly recommended for kindergarten kids. This app leverages the power of interactive reading tools, providing engaging phonics-based activities that get children excited about reading.

The app focuses on teaching foundational skills such as letter sound recognitionblending sounds, and word formation—skills crucial to early literacy development as indicated by research.

Each book in this magical series offers delightful stories that are simple yet captivating enough. It’s a digital tool that promises not only fun but also effective learning experiences for children aged 4-8 years old nurturing their budding reading abilities at an early stage.

Starfall Learn to Read

Starfall Learn to Read is a highly recommended reading web-based app for kindergarten students between the ages of 4 and 8. This interactive tool helps young readers develop essential phonics skills through engaging activities and games.

The app offers various levels, starting from basic letter recognition to more advanced reading comprehension exercises. With its colorful graphics and fun animations, Starfall Learn to Read keeps children entertained while they improve their literacy skills.

Research shows that effective early reader tools like this one can greatly enhance children’s ability to read fluently and comprehend written text. By incorporating Starfall Learn to Read into their daily learning routine, parents and teachers can give kindergarteners a solid foundation in reading that will serve them well as they advance through school.



Homer is one of the recommended reading apps for kindergarten kids, designed to help them develop essential literacy skills. With a wide range of interactive and engaging activities, Homer focuses on phonics-based learningsight word recognition, and building vocabulary.

This app provides personalized lessons tailored to each child’s individual needs and progress. Research shows that using Homer can significantly improve children’s reading abilities in just 6 weeks.

It offers a fun and immersive learning experience with charming characters and stories that captivate young readers. Designed by educational experts, Homer is a valuable tool for teaching reading to kindergarteners effectively.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is one of the top reading apps for kindergarten students, designed to make learning to read fun and engaging. This award-winning app is loved by parents, teachers, and kids alike for its effective approach to early reading instruction.

The app uses different activities and games to teach essential reading skills such as phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and comprehension.

With its interactive lessons and rewards system, Reading Eggs keeps young learners motivated and excited about reading. Research has shown that using Reading Eggs for just 15 minutes a day can lead to significant improvements in children’s literacy skills.


MeeGenius is a highly recommended reading app for kindergarten kids that combines captivating stories with interactive features, making it an engaging tool for early learners.

With a vast library of over 700 children’s books, MeeGenius offers both fiction and non-fiction options to encourage young readers to explore various genres.

The app also provides read-along narration and highlighted words to support reading comprehension and fluency development. In addition, MeeGenius offers personalized recommendations based on each child’s interests and reading level, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

This user-friendly app is compatible with multiple devices, allowing easy access to books anytime, anywhere. Parents and teachers alike appreciate the valuable resources provided by MeeGenius in promoting literacy skills among kindergarteners.

Early Reader Kits and Programs

reading kids

Early Reader Kits and Programs are highly recommended for kindergarteners to kickstart their reading journey.

Hooked on Phonics Early Readers Kit

The Hooked on Phonics Early Readers Kit is a highly recommended tool for kindergarteners learning to read. This comprehensive program uses phonics-based techniques and engaging activities to help children develop strong reading skills.

The kit includes colorful books, flashcards, and interactive games that make learning fun and exciting. Research has shown that phonics instruction is effective in teaching young children how to decode words and improve their reading fluency.

With the Hooked on Phonics Early Readers Kit, kids can build a solid foundation in reading from an early age, setting them up for future success in literacy development.

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Teach Your Child to Read Curriculum

Teach Your Child to Read Curriculum is another highly recommended reading program for kindergarten students. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to help young learners develop strong reading skills through systematic phonics instruction and engaging activities.

By following this program, children will learn letter sounds, phonemic awareness, decoding strategies, sight words, and fluency techniques. The curriculum provides a step-by-step approach that makes it easy for parents and teachers to guide children toward reading success.

With this effective tool in hand, both educators and parents can feel confident in their ability to teach children how to read efficiently. It’s no wonder why Teach Your Child to Read Curriculum has become a popular choice among those looking for an effective way to foster literacy development in kindergartners.

Digital Resources for Kindergarten Reading

Digital Resources for Kindergarten Reading

Digital resources can be valuable tools to help kindergarten kids master early reading. These resources include e-books and educational websites.


With e-books, children can tap on words to hear them pronounced, explore colorful illustrations, and even have the text read aloud to them. This helps in developing their phonics skills, word recognition, and comprehension.

E-books also provide easy access to a vast library of stories and educational content, making it convenient for both teachers and parents to find age-appropriate materials for their kindergarteners.

Some great sources for free children’s ebooks include – Free Kids Books, Barnes N Noble, and Oxford Owl.

Educational Websites

Educational websites are another valuable resource for kindergarten students to develop their reading skills. Here are some top options:

  1. ABCmouse: This comprehensive learning platform offers a wide range of interactive activities and games, focusing on phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.
  2. Reading Bear: Designed to introduce phonics principles and sound blending, this website provides animated videos and interactive exercises to help children become confident readers.
  3. PBS Kids: With a variety of educational games and videos, PBS Kids promotes early literacy skills while engaging children with their favorite characters from popular TV shows.
  4. Funbrain Jr.: This website features age-appropriate stories and games that promote reading readiness, phonics recognition, sight word knowledge, and overall literacy development.
  5. Starfall: Known for its engaging animations and interactive content, Starfall covers essential early reading skills such as letter recognition, phonics practice, and fluency building.
  6. Teach Your Monster to Read: Combining gaming elements with systematic phonics instruction, this website turns learning into an exciting adventure for young readers.
  7. Seussville: Based on the iconic Dr. Seuss books, this website immerses children in a world of colorful characters while improving their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and rhyming abilities.
  8. National Geographic Kids: Apart from providing fascinating information about animals and the natural world, this website offers fun articles that help improve reading comprehension skills.
  9. Storyline Online: Featuring famous actors narrating children’s books aloud, Storyline Online brings stories to life while developing listening comprehension and fostering a love of reading.
  10. Highlights Kids: This website offers interactive stories, puzzles, hidden picture games, and other activities that promote critical thinking skills along with reading enjoyment.

Useful Physical Reading Tools for Kindergarten

Useful Physical Reading Tools for Kindergarten

In addition to various reading apps, and digital resources, there are also useful physical reading tools for kindergarten students.

Guided Reading Strips

Guided reading strips are a valuable tool for improving reading fluency in kindergarten students. These strips help young readers focus on individual words and develop their tracking skills as they follow along with the text.

By isolating specific lines or sentences, guided reading strips encourage students to read at a steady pace and avoid skipping or repeating words. This visual aid also helps children build confidence in their ability to decode and understand written language.

Guided reading strips are easy to use and can be customized to suit different reading levels and needs, making them an essential resource for teachers aiming to support early literacy development in their classrooms.

Finger/Thumb Grips

Finger/thumb grips are useful tools for kindergarten students learning to read. They provide support and help children develop proper finger positioning, which is crucial for letter recognition and word formation.

These grips are designed to fit comfortably on little fingers, ensuring a secure grip while holding pencils or crayons. By using finger/thumb grips, kids can improve their fine motor skills and handwriting abilities.

Research shows that developing strong fine motor skills in early childhood contributes to better reading readiness and overall academic success later on. Incorporating finger/thumb grips into reading activities can enhance engagement and make the learning process more enjoyable for young learners.

Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses are a useful physical tool for kindergarten students to enhance their reading experience. These small handheld devices make it easier for children to examine and explore texts, helping them to focus on individual words and letters.

Magnifying glasses can be particularly beneficial for kids who struggle with visual tracking or have difficulty distinguishing between similar letters or words. By magnifying the text, these tools allow young readers to see details more clearly, boosting their comprehension and overall reading fluency.

Incorporating magnifying glasses into reading activities can also add an element of fun and excitement, engaging children in the learning process and sparking their curiosity.

Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets can be a fun and interactive tool for kindergarten students as they learn to read. These colorful and flexible bands are not only trendy accessories but can also serve as excellent reading aids.

By incorporating the use of slap bracelets, children can engage in hands-on activities that enhance their reading skills. For instance, teachers can attach sight words or phonics sounds onto the slap bracelets, allowing students to associate the word or sound with a physical object.

This kinesthetic approach helps create a multisensory learning experience that appeals to different types of learners. Furthermore, when students successfully read a word or sound on the bracelet, they can give it an enthusiastic “slap” onto their wrist, reinforcing their achievement and building confidence in their reading abilities.

In addition to boosting literacy skills, slap bracelets offer other benefits such as fine motor skill development and self-expression. As children manipulate these flexible bands around their wrists, they improve their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Moreover, by choosing slap bracelets featuring characters or themes related to books they enjoy, children have an opportunity for self-expression through accessories that align with their interests.

Bingo Daubers

Bingo daubers are fun and engaging reading tools for kindergarten students. These colorful markers, also known as bingo dabbers or ink daubers, can be used to help children learn letters and sight words.

With a simple press of the marker tip, kids can mark their progress on worksheets or in activity books. The vibrant colors and unique marker shape make them visually appealing and easy to use for little hands.

Bingo daubers add an element of excitement to reading activities, making learning more interactive and enjoyable for young learners. They provide a hands-on approach to learning, allowing children to actively participate in their reading journey.


In conclusion, the best reading tools for kindergarten provide a fun and interactive way for young learners to develop their literacy skills. From guided reading strips to phonics-based apps, these tools offer valuable support for teachers and parents alike.

By incorporating these resources into the classroom or home environment, children can build a strong foundation in reading that will benefit them throughout their educational journey. Start exploring these fantastic tools today and watch your kindergarteners thrive as they embark on their reading adventures!


1. What are some of the best reading tools for kindergarten?

Some of the best reading tools for kindergarten include interactive phonics games, sight word flashcards, leveled reading books, and educational apps specifically designed to teach early literacy skills.

2. How can interactive phonics games help improve reading skills in kindergartners?

Interactive phonics games engage kindergartners by making learning fun and interactive. They help children learn letter sounds, recognize letter patterns, and blend sounds together to form words – all essential skills for building a strong foundation in reading.

3. Are there any specific sight word flashcards that are highly recommended for kindergarteners?

There are several sight word flashcard sets available that have been specifically designed for kindergarteners. Some popular ones include the Dolch Sight Words Flashcards and the Fry Sight Words Flashcards. These flashcards feature high-frequency words that children need to memorize as they cannot be easily sounded out phonetically.

4. Can you recommend any educational apps that can support early literacy development in kindergartners?

Sure! Some highly recommended educational apps for kindergarten students include ABCmouse, Teach Your Monster to Read, Starfall Learn to Read, and Reading Eggs Junior. These apps provide a wide range of interactive activities and engaging stories that help children develop important pre-reading skills such as letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary building

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